The missing element is believed to be TGC, as the inn was owned by Thomas Gery Cullum at the time. This is from the wall surrounding the Tollgate Inn, Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds
Photographed too late!

Wall Plaques of
Bury St Edmunds and surrounds


Picture Page 1, Up to 1800

The building on which a plaque is fixed is shown below it.
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Grammar School 1550-1665

Recording the extent of the Great Fire of Bury of 1608

Sir Robert Gardener 1614
Lord of Elmswell and Woolpit

Ancient House
Eastgate Street, BSE

Burger King on the Cornhill

Almshouses at Elmswell
For six poor women widows
To continue forever

W S 1630
The Old Stag, St Johns Street

Plaque over door of old Grammar School in Northgate Street, dated 1664.
The school moved to the Vinefields in 1883.

The Calthorpe Almshouses in Ampton 1705

No 33 St Johns Street
The Old Stag public house

Door to old Grammar School
Now St Andrews Close flats

The Calthorpe Almshouses in Ampton

Founded by Alderman Jacob Johnson 1708
If original, this plaque would have stood in Looms Lane until 1839. The date 1708 was the founding of the original Charity in Johnson's will.

Rainwater drain downpipe dated 1711

Plaque on Clopton's Asylum or Almshouse
Now the Dean's House
Commemorating Dr Poley Clopton, who died 1730
This plaque was carved by Thomas Singleton and erected c1750

Johnson's Buildings
Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds
These were actually built in 1839 by Francis Clarke to replace four decayed charity properties in Looms Lane.

Unitarian Chapel of 1711 in Churchgate Street, Bury St Edmunds

Now the Dean's House in the Great Churchyard
Clopton's Hospital or Asylum was built c 1735, but residents moved in during 1744

Arms of Dr Poley Clopton
Carved by Thomas Singleton in 1750
The motto has been translated as
It must not be forgotten henceforth

Commemorating the new Butchers Shambles
Built in 1761

Wool owners plaque 1792
St Andrews Street South
B possibly refers to William Buck (1747-1819), yarn maker with James Oakes

The front entrance to Clopton's Hospital
Now the Dean's House
Churchyard, Bury

The Shambles was incorporated into the Corn Exchange
Today it is an optician's shop

The old WoolHall
St Andrews Street South, Bury.

Commemorating the new building of the brewery of Mathias Wright in 1789.

The oldest part of the Westgate Brewery, seen here from Bridewell Lane

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