Local History
St Edmundsbury - A few Trades and Industries, and a working life

Defunct Industries and lives- Long gone
Water Mills and watermilling (5 topics)
Local Clock and Watch Makers (5 headings)
Local Gun Makers
Houghton's basket works
David Burrough's account of life in the Brackland 1931-1961
Defunct Industries - Heavy Engineering
The story of Robert Boby and the St Andrews IronWorks
Robert Boby IronWorks - advertising feature in the Town Guide of 1906
Miscellaneous Robert Boby exhibits
The story of George Cornish, Cornish & Lloyds, and the Risbygate IronWorks
Example Cornish & Lloyds Catalogue
Public Utilities
Bury St Edmunds Gasworks and gas history
Bury St Edmunds Gas Company Centenary Celebration Booklet 1934
Picture Story - Bury St Edmunds last gasholder 1952-2016
How Bury St Edmunds got electricity
Modern Industry
A Post-War family business - Denny Brothers Printers

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