Local History
St Edmundsbury - A few Trades and Industries, and the working life

Defunct Trades and small Industries
Water Mills and watermilling (5 topics)
Brickearth and Brickmakers (41 brickworks)
Willow working including Houghton's basket works
Local Clocks, Watches and their Makers (6 headings)
Local Guns and their Makers
Local Photographers, CDVs and postcard publisher homepage (7 topics)
Local Artist Sybil Andrews
"Rose Mead - Artist of Bury St Edmunds" (and some pictures)
Personal memories of a working life
David Burrough's account of life in the Brackland 1931-1961
Cyril Lawson's recollections of a Volunteer Fireman 1927-1946
Career of A J Cooke, railwayman from 1885 to 1932, died 1945
Defunct Industries - Heavy Engineering & Traditional Maltings
The story of Robert Boby and the St Andrews IronWorks
Robert Boby IronWorks - advertising feature in the Town Guide of 1906
Robert and George Boby Station Works - Description published 1875
Miscellaneous Robert Boby exhibits
The story of George Cornish, Cornish & Lloyds, and the Risbygate IronWorks
Example Cornish & Lloyds Catalogue
Local maltings, maltsters and brewing (6 items)
Farming and Agriculture
A history of Gatesbury's Farm, Depden
Public Utilities
Bury St Edmunds Gasworks and gas history
Bury St Edmunds Gas Company Centenary Celebration Booklet 1934
Picture Story - Bury St Edmunds last gasholder 1952-2016
Bury St Edmunds Gas works heritage booklet 2016
See the Bury St Edmunds Gas works heritage video by National Grid on YouTube
How Bury St Edmunds got electricity
Modern Industry
A Post-War family business - Denny Brothers Printers

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