First World War Memorial unveiled 1921
St Edmundsbury's Local History
Gallery of postcards, pictures and records from the Great War

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Postcards and Pictures 1914-1919
Page 1 - Soldiers at camp in training in West Suffolk
Page 2 - More training pictures
Page 2a - Tank training and Security at the Elveden Explosives Area
Page 3 - Pictures of Suffolk Regiment overseas
Page 4a - Bury St Edmunds first air attack in 1915
Page 4b - Bury St Edmunds second air attack in 1916
Page 5 - Damage to other Suffolk towns 1915 to 1917
Page 6 - Pictures of casualties in hospitals in West Suffolk
Page 7 - More hospital pictures
Page 8 - West Suffolk scenes at home with working women
Page 9 - Propaganda and its effects
Page 10 - The war is over - medals and remembrance
A Wartime Visitors Book 1916-1918 (By courtesy of Mr Nigel Finch)
Page 1 - Pictures in the garden
Page 2 - Signatures of wounded servicemen
Page 3 - More signatures
East Anglian Munitions Committee 1914-1918
Page 1 - Text of the Report
Page 2 - Pictures of the Munitions Committee Depot, Ipswich
Page 3 - Pictures of the main members of the Committee
Personal Stories
Nurse Dawson at Ampton Hall Hospital 1916/17 (by courtesy of Phil How)

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