Every picture tells a story
St Edmundsbury's Local History
Reports, Official Openings and other picture stories and sequences

Items from 19th Century
Bury St Edmunds Improvement (no 2) Act 1820
Commissioners' report on the boundaries of Bury St Edmunds 1832
Commissioners' report on the governance of Bury St Edmunds 1835
Wilkin's Guide Book to Bury St Edmunds 1867
Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Show 1867
Picture of the Postmen and Messengers of Bury St Edmunds 1885
Items from 20th Century
Guide Book to Bury St Edmunds from 1906
Rose Mead - Series of 12 postcards produced for the Pageant of 1907
Local picture and postcard gallery of the Great War 1914-1918
A J Cooke - A Bury railwayman 1892-1932
Bury St Edmunds Gas Company Centenary, 1934
Bury St Edmunds Fire Brigade 1935
Bury St Edmunds Military and Civil Defence Scheme, 1942
Advice for U S Armed Forces in U K c.1943
Items from 20th Century after WWII
Pictures of a typical Bury St Edmunds Borough Council meeting in 1946
Building the water tower, West Road, 1951
Reorganisation of the Cattle Market & new Pig Market 1958
RAF Honington "At Home" - Air Show 1958
Official opening of Fornham Park Sewage Works, 1962
Town Development leaflet, "An Opportunity for Industry", 1964
Official Opening of Police HQ, 1964
Official opening of Borough Offices extension, 1967
The floods of September, 1968
Official opening of Fornham Park Sewage Works Extension, 1971
Official opening of Bury St Edmunds A45 bypass, 1973
The St Edmund Scrambling Grand National 1974
Council information leaflet, "Abbey Gardens Botanic Guide", 1985
Official opening of Orttewell Road, Bury St Edmunds, 1987
Council information leaflet, "Mayor's Parlour, 8 Angel Hill", c1995
The Great Churchyard - Historical Guide 1996
Council information leaflet, "Rose Mead - Artist of Bury St Edmunds" (and some pictures)
Items from 21st Century
Launch of the internet bench, August, 2001
Pictures of the last deadstock market, December, 2003
Bury St Edmunds Blue Plaque Trail leaflet 2012
Picture Story - Bury St Edmunds last gasholder 1952-2016
Bury St Edmunds Gas works heritage booklet 2016
Abbey of St Edmund, Bury St Edmunds, Heritage Public Consultation booklet 2019
Covid 19 Precautions Leaflet issued by Suffolk County Council 2020
AWA information leaflet on new long distance water pipeline 2021

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