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St Edmundsbury's Local History
Do It Yourself Digital Mapping Homepage

How to use free and open source GIS software

Using QGIS and OS Opendata
Introduction to digital mapping at home
Article entitled 'QGIS and OS Open Data - a free Geographic Information System' (as at 2014)
An update to the above article for QGIS 3, dated 2019
Get QGIS and download some maps
Resources:- Links to QGIS and free map sources
Downloading and clipping vector layers - BGS example
BGS part two - select out peat and alluvium and make new layer
Downloading and collecting layers - OS Strategi example
Using 'clipping' to prepare data - DTM raster example
Topographic Maps
Processing and using Digital Terrain Models
Getting and styling the coastline, towns and rivers
How to make a print-ready topographic map of East Anglia
How to make use of LIDAR data
Using 'selections' to show specific features
Selecting Suffolk parishes from map of England
Repair missing parishes with Copy and Paste
Selecting the Hundreds from the County map
Track selection process using a duplicate layer
Using the 'dissolve tool' to show boundaries
Using the 'dissolve' tool to draw Hundred boundaries
The Liberty of St Edmund - Parishes and Hundreds
Examples of other maps made using these techniques
The individual Hundreds within the Liberty of St Edmund
Bradmere - the case of the disappearing Hundred

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