Hodskinson's map of Suffolk in 1783
Suffolk by Hodskinson 1783
St Edmundsbury's Local History
Local Maps and Plans

Ice Age to Anglo-Saxon Maps
The changing coastline of Britain during the Ice Ages, 1.8 million ybp to 13,000 ybp
Suffolk Bedrock - source BGS website
Surface geology around Bury St Edmunds
Surface geology- close up on Bury St Edmunds
Modern topography of East Anglia with peaty areas
The Roman coastline, rivers and roads by John Fairclough, 2010
Anglo-Saxon settlements on Rivers Lark and Blackbourne by Stanley West (EAA24 vol 2)
Development of Thetford before 1066
Cyril Hart's Perambulation of the Banleuca Boundaries
The Hundreds of the Liberty of St Edmund by Edward Martin (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
Ipswich in 750/850 and 1086
Viking Place names by David Parsons
Maps and Plans of the Abbey of St Edmund
Click to go to Monastic Topics sub-page for all monastic plans
Maps of the landholdings of the Abbey of St Edmund in 1066 and 1086
Post Conquest Medieval Maps
Maps of the coastal changes 1200 to 1600 Orford Ness to Goseford
Maps of the coastal changes Dunwich, Easton Bavents, Southwold
Suggested map of Suffolk Hundreds in 1086
Liberty of St Edmund - The individual Hundreds mapped separately 1086
Bradmere - the case of the disappearing Hundred 1086 to 1100
The measured layout of Norman Bury St Edmunds by Eric Fernie
Bury in 1066, 1086 and 1150 by Bernard Gauthiez
Norwich in 1066 and 1086
Oldest map showing St Edmunds c1170-1200
Bury St Edmunds in 1295 by R Gottfried (1982)
The Banleuca of St Edmund's by M D Lobel (1935)
The Banleuca of St Edmund's by R S Gottfried (1982)
Map of Clare in the 14th century by G A Thornton (1930)
Map of Bury in the 15th century by M D Lobel (1935)
East Anglian section of the Gough map c1410
Map of Bury in 1433 from M Statham's Book of BSE (1988)
Margaret Statham's translation of the Sacrist's Rental of 1433 (1961)
Map of Mildenhall in C15 & C16 by Sue Holden (2011)
Map of Suffolk showing cloth producing towns by later 15th century.
Maps of Newmarket in the late 15th century. After Davis and Sear, 2023
Map of Suffolk by Christopher Saxton, 1575
Seventeenth Century Maps
Reconstructed map of Wm Hayward's 1604 map of Fenland waterways by M Chisholm.
Reconstructed map of Ickworth Estate in 1665, by Mary Hesse SIAH Vol 39, pt 1 in 1997
John Ogilby - First roadmaps of Suffolk, 1675
Cambridge University map of Ogilby's roads 1675
Map of the Wool Trade in the 17th century by G A Thornton (1930)
Eighteenth Century Maps
Cambridge University map of Suffolk navigable rivers by 1729
Kirby's Map of Suffolk 1736
(Re-engraved by John Ryland in 1766, and printed and sold by Stephen Piper of Ipswich in 1825.)
Haverhill in 1737 (modern copy)
Downing's Map of Bury St Edmunds 1740
The Warren Map of Bury St Edmunds 1748
A Dury's map of Bury St Edmunds, 1764
The Warren Map of Bury St Edmunds 1776
Hodskinson's Map of Suffolk 1783
Paterson's map of the London route from Halstead to Bury St Edmunds, 1785
The Warren Map of Bury St Edmunds 1791
Nineteenth Century Maps
Bury St Edmunds Enclosure Map 1815
Map entitled "Culford" by William Stanley, 1820. Bury, Culford, West Stow etc (Big! 5Meg)
Bury St Edmunds in 1823 by J G Lenny
Report of the Boundary Commission for the Reform Act of 1832
Bury St Edmunds in 1834 by R Payne
The first Ordnance Survey one inch scale map of Bury and surrounds. (Big! 4Meg)
Gage's Map of Thingoe Hundred of 1838
The Hundreds of Suffolk in the 19th Century
Suffolk's roads and railways in the years 1850 to 1853
The Sanitary Districts after 1872 (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
Tymm's Handbook - Plan of Bury in 1885
Suffolk Local Government after 1894 (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
West Suffolk civil parishes established in 1894 (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
Twentieth Century Maps
Icklingham 1901 by Beatrice Andrews, nee Prigg
Burrow's Guidebook Sketch Plan of Bury in 1906
Homeland Guidebook Sketch Plan of Bury in 1908
BSE OS one inch to a mile 1920s
"Modern Suffolk" in 1930 (L Redstone)
Suffolk Local Government after 1935 (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
BSE OS one inch to a mile c.1948
OS 1:25000 map showing development of Bury St Edmunds dated 1955
Street Plan of Bury St Edmunds 1960/61 (Pawsey's Almanac)
Guidebook Sketch Plan of Bury in 1964
Bury St Edmunds as the 'Hub of East Anglia' 1966
Suffolk Local Government after 1974 (Historical Atlas of Suffolk)
Bury St Edmunds town centre shops 1994
Twenty First Century Maps
Plan of Bury town centre shopping as at May 2007 by Centros Miller
Plan of Bury town centre shopping, with the Arc, as at February 2009 by Centros Miller
Bury St Edmunds Business Improvement District (BID) 2009, with details of every business and shop at the time. (NB a 5 meg pdf v large!)
Current Parliamentary Constituencies in St Edmundsbury
European Parliamentary Constituencies in St Edmundsbury
Some boundaries of Breckland drawn for Breaking New Ground project

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