Token issued to commemorate centuries of the Royal Mint
St Edmundsbury's Local History
Local Coins, Tokens and Banknotes

Introducing Iron Age Celtic Coinage
Picture Gallery - Local coins from Iron Age Celtic times
Introducing Anglo Saxon and Viking Coinage
Picture Gallery - Locally minted Anglo Saxon and Viking coins
Introducing Medieval Coinage minted in Bury St Edmunds
Picture Gallery - Medieval coins minted in Bury St Edmunds
Possible Location of the Abbey Mints in Bury St Edmunds by R J Eaglen
Picture Gallery - A few more recent odd coins
Introduction to local bankers and their cheques and banknotes
Picture Gallery - Local Banknotes
Introducing Tokens of Local interest, from Boy Bishop tokens to modern times
Picture Gallery - Tokens of the 17th century
Picture Gallery - Tokens of the 18th century
Picture Gallery - A couple of tokens of the 19th century

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