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Date When Change made Description of Change or Addition to DetailsNotes
YEAR 2024
21st May, 2024
Added new details from Bernard Tickner's book to Chronicle for 2017, 1988 and foxgloves in the Kings Forest to 1977.
14th May, 2024
Added new details of the blocks removed from Abbeygate Street in 1952. Martyn Taylor advises that they were not cedar but Jarrah wood. Also upscaled the picture by two times to improve details.
3rd May, 2024
Added picture of rail crash at Lineage Wood in 1891 to the Chronicle. Also added further details of Suffolk Show at Rougham in 1951.
7th April, 2024
Added map of Breckland Demesnes of the Abbey to the Chronicle for 1300, and to the Abbey homepage, showing the obedientaries. Also added 1435 map of Cellarer's Leased demesnes to Abbey homepage, with some details amended to Chronicle 1435.
20th February 2024
Added a photograph of the West Front in 1858 to the Chronicle which showed Sexton's Dye Works in the ruins. Also added details of a plane crash at Hall Farm Fornham St Martin, in March, 1929
15th February 2024
Added a new map page showing coastal changes from 1066 at Dunwich, Walberswick and Southwold.
5th February 2024
Added a couple of maps to the Abbey holdings page, showing the gains to Abbey holdings between 1066 and 1086. Also added a link to the Maps homepage, and a shortcut from the Main Homepage. Added Rose Mead link to the Trade and Industry page to be consistent with Sybil Andrews.
3rd February 2024
Added a section of maps of coastal change from the River Deben northwards based on "The Transformation of the Suffolk Coast c1200 to c1600 from Orford Ness to Goseford" by Mark Bailey, Peter Wain and David Sear. Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History, Volume 45, Part 1 2021.
31st January 2024
Amended details of Baron William Crofts of Little Saxham Hall to exclude any war record. Hugo Smith of that village has pointed out that the William Crofts who fought in 3 battles on the Royalist side in the Civil War was from Herefordshire, not Suffolk. Amendments made to 1643 through to 1670.
27th January 2024
Added details of the Record Office history during construction and listing in 2015 to the Chronicle for 1964, 1965, including the building of the new shire hall and police station.
26th January 2024
Added new maps to the Monastic Home Page and Maps page - Land holdings of the Abbey in 1066 and 1086 based upon the Domesday Book. Maps made after Antonia Gransden's maps in her book on the Abbey of BSE from 1182 to 1256. Also added links to this map page from the Chronicle for 1066 and also from 1086.
19th January 2024
Added details to the Chronicle of women wanted for Royal Observer Corps to November, 1943. Advert from the BFP.
16th January 2024
Added details to Gallery WWI page 4B of Spring Lane Zeppelin attack 1916. Details added from two of Bill Fenner's postcard collection, annotated on the back.
7th January 2024
Added details of the end of December rainfall in 2023, and swingeing council budget cuts in 2024.
YEAR 2023
26th December 2023
Added details of the end of Chedburgh airfield to Chronicle 1946, together with details of the farmer who moved in until 1952, and a link to Pathe News film of his farm activities. Also added excavated brickworks at Wash Pit Field, Euston Estate to Brick making section.
22nd December 2023
Added details from Francis Young's book "Franciscans in Medieval BSE" to Babwell History on monastic home page. Also added picture to 1996 West Stow Anglo Saxon Village history from Alan Baxter - celebrating the lottery award, including Ray Nowak. Added pictures of the Thetford Flyer's last run from Bury Free Press to the Chronicle 12th June 1953.
18th December 2023
Added a page to the Woolpit Brickworks section in order to demonstrate the tramway, followed by the conversion to a standard gauge railway, from the largest brickworks up to Elmswell railway station, 1902 to 1915.
13th December 2023
Following an excellent talk by Hannah Salisbury at the Bury Record Office I have added some details to Walton Burrell's page, including a picture of his final home at 4 Risbygate Street, supplied by Sue Rawles of the Bury Postcard Club.
5th December 2023
Added five brickworks at Haverhill to the Brickworks home page. Also amended some details at Sicklesmere brickworks. Where there are clusters of brickworks, as at Haverhill, Sicklesmere, Sudbury and Woolpit, it is very difficult to assign the brickmakers mentioned in a census or a trade directory to the exact site where they worked.
20th November 2023
Added picture of Elijah Smith to the Maltings page, supplied by Ivor Murrell, via Facebook Old Bury St Edmunds. Also updated details of the Brandon Brickworks thanks to information from newspapers showing it worked only intermittently for two years, and was called the Steam brickworks and never the Spartan Brickworks.
4th November 2023
Updated details of the Brandon Brickworks thanks to information from Andy Carter and John Basham. Unusually the Spartan brickworks did not use a kiln but produced sandlime bricks by a steam pressure method.
31st October 2023
Updated details of Gibbons ownership of the Alexandra Brickworks at Chilton - Thanks to Martyn Fretwell for his 1864 advertisement. Added items to the Chronicle as follows:- The unemployed Workers Committee to 1932; Ration book for 1952/3 to 1954; Sangers Circus details and Ernest Payne to 1930.
28th October 2023
Added the Bradfield St Clare brickworks and the Bradfield Combust brickworks to the list on the Brickworks page.
24th October 2023
Added details of the building of the Corn Exchange to the Chronicle for 1841, 1860, 1861 and 1862, based upon "A Handsome and Substantial Building - History of BSE Corn Exchange" by John Orbell, 2017.
24th October 2023
Added the Bradfield St George brickworks and the Brandon Spartan brickworks to the list on the Brickworks page.
22nd October 2023
Added the Botesdale brickworks to the list on the Brickworks page.
15th October 2023
Added the Clare brickworks to the list on the Brickworks page. Also updated some other Sudbury brickworks details.
13th October 2023
Added picture of Canon Hodges etc in his car to Chronicle, 1907, and picture of H W Wells seed merchant in Short Brackland, to 1908. Added the Lackford brickworks to the list on the Brickworks page.
7th October 2023
Reorganised the layout of the brickworks home page. Added the Sudbury, Chilton and Ballingdon brickworks to the list.
30th September 2023
Added Knettishall Heath brickworks to the Bricks pages, and added some details to Mildenhall, Risby and Euston.
27th September 2023
Added Mildenhall, Risby and Euston estate (Barnham) brickworks to the Bricks pages.
24th September 2023
Added Little Cornard brickworks to the Bricks pages.
20th September 2023
Added considerably to the information on the Southgate Brick and Tile company from articles supplied by Martyn Fretwell and a brick example from the 1898 Bury Brick Company. Also added Sicklesmere brickworks details and Oakes' Kiln.
2nd September 2023
Added details of Cllr Frederick William Turner, who was the first chairman of the Electric Supply Committee in 1896, to the story of electricity in the town. Details kindly supplied by Sue Mann of St Albans, where Turner had established an iron works. He had specialised in steam power, which was becoming redundant so he moved to Bury as proprietor of the Suffolk Hotel. He died in 1900.
1st September 2023
Added a major new section on local brickworks, including three in Bury St Edmunds and several from West Suffolk, including historically important Hoxne, as well as Woolpit, Culford, Rougham and others. Accessible via the Trade and Industry item on the main website homepage menu.

Also added the history of Gatesbury Farm to Trade and Industry section, first prepared in June.

8th August 2023
Added notes on the Cathedral extension to the Chronicle for 1964 with foundation stone picture, and to 1970 completion with picture. Also added a note about CH Nunn as a stamp and coin publisher to 1892, with advert copy.
29th July 2023
Added maps to the Abbey folder for use at Chronicle for 1435, showing the Cellarer's manors and their relative incomes from letting at cash rents. Thanks to Mark Bailey for supplying the data from the Abbot's Economica.
14th July 2023
Added maps from Medieval Newmarket, after Sears and Davis SRS Volume 66 on the Medieval Records of Newmarket. Also included Gough map showing route London to Norwich and two Ogilby strip maps passing through Newmarket. See link from Maps and Diagrams section.
3rd July 2023
Added further details of the Mutt and Jeff sabotage story to the Chronicle for August 1943. This arises from a letter to the BFP in June 2023 from Rosie Frizzelle concerning the involvement of her father, Reg Stebbings, Resident Manager of Bury's Electricity Station in 1943. Also added to Chronicle for 1916 a link from a brief account of Walton Burrell to his full life story page at photographers/burrell.htm.
2nd July 2023
Added details of Australian nurse,Ruby Ingram at Ampton Hospital to Walton Burrell's photography and life section, and also to Chronicle for 1918. Ingram's details supplied by Monica Lockheed. With picture. Added details of a fire at Jesse Gough and George Boby's maltings in Out Northgate on 11th December, 1881.(Thanks to Andrew Gough for finding this). Also replaced "alt=" with "title=" to the Military Section. Added picture of Co-op stanche to River Lark history, 2023.
15th June 2023
Added Depden and Stansfield to section on Domesday Book list of St Edmundsbury towns and Villages or places.
24th April 2023
Following receipt of many pictures and valuable information from Alan Baxter there was a major updating of the History of the West Stow Saxon Village Reconstructions. Nine new pictures were added including staffing photographs and details, together with some financial information.
19th April 2023
Added picture of The Tithe War book cover by Doreen Wallace to Chronicle for 1934. Sourced from Simon Knott on Flickr. Also updated the story of Pawsey's with Bob Pawsey's obituary and picture in Photographers and Postcards section.
15th April 2023
Added picture of West Stow staff in 1999, supplied by Alan Baxter, to West Stow site history section. Updated 2023 with items including Bury Society 50 year celebration booklet. Also added to 2011 Chronicle the History of St Johns School by Clive Paine, and from that booklet also added Boots in St Johns Street to 1899 Chronicle entry.
17th March 2023
Added Margaret Statham's analysis of the streets and premises named in the Sacrist's Rental of 1433 to the Maps Homepage. (Record Office ACC 1055 of 1961.) Also added a link to it from the Chronicle entry for 1433.
12th March 2023
Added a leaflet for the St Edmund Grand National Moto-Cross event (Scrambling) held at West Stow Heath in September, 1974, to the Leaflets and Picture Story page. Also updated the West Stow History page for 1978 when scrambling ended to give a link to this sample leaflet of a typical event.
11th March 2023
Added details of the bomb disposal effort during WWII to 1939, 1940 and 1941. Also added a photo of Number 4 Bomb Disposal Company at dinner in Everards Hotel some time in 1942. This was added to January, 1941 in the Chronicle. Picture by Gerald Lambert.
9th March 2023
Added details of the Anglian Water pipeline to the Chronicle for 2023, and to the River Lark history section. Also added AW's own information leaflet PDF on the project to Reports and Picture Stories page, together with links to it in the Chronicle 2023 and the River Lark story after 1600. Also added subtitles to Picture Story homepage to break up the 38 items listed to be easier on the eye.
26th January 2023
Added 3 pictures of the Cow Gravel or King's Staunch to page 4 of the Landmarks on the River Lark section. Pictures kindly supplied by Michael J Peachey. Also added a link to the "Bury Bible Close up" YouTube video to the Bury Bible section of the Monastic Homepage.
21st January 2023
Amended the main home page to include quick access to the new section on Abbey 1000 celebrations. To make room on the homepage I had to remove the quick access to the WWI gallery.
19th January 2023
Added major new section on the Abbey 1000 celebrations covering 2020 to 2022, accessed from the Chronicle at 2020, or from the Monastic and Religious homepage. This included links to all the online lectures and a documentary summarising the events. Also included PDF entitled "Years of Faith" on the local Roman Catholics since the Reformation.
Also added references to books, "Taught to be Good" in Chronicle for 2000, and "Ahead of its Time" in the Chronicle at 2018 and 1997.
YEAR 2022
23rd December 2022
Added picture of sorting office demolition to February, 2007. Also added a new leaflet to Picture Stories and Leaflets section, recording the opening of the Police Station in Raingate Street in October, 1964. Also updated the Chronicle for this event.
15th December 2022
Added details of town electricity extensions to Chronicle for 1910, including extra street lights. Also added the street lights picture to Electricity Supply Section under Trade and Industry. Also added a picture of Thomas Ridley's new coalyard in Out Northgate to the Chronicle for 1850. Also an aerial view of the Northgate Roundabout added to Chronicle for 1973. Also a picture of the new sewer being laid in Fornham Road in Chronicle, 1962.
13th December 2022
Added details kindly supplied by Adrian Gray by email on 11th December 2022 concerning the photographic business of Alan Arthur. These details added to Photographers and Postcards section of Trade and Industry.
12th November 2022
Added details supplied by Trevor Payne by email on 12th November 2022 concerning the photographic businesses of William Aston, Walter Boughton and George Cousins, 1893-1896. These details added to Photographers and Postcards section of Trade and Industry.
22nd October 2022
Added details and two pictures and a pdf to the Chronicle for May, 1912, being the royal visit by Princess Louise to give the 3rd battalion Suffolks their new colours.
20th October 2022
Added Sir John Cullum's 1783 letter to the Royal Society via Sir Joseph Banks, to section on Hardwick Heath. Braddock's Brewery sales details to Chronicle for 1868, and Cooper Boby partnership details to Maltsters section for 1870.
9th October 2022
Added two pages to the Maltings and Maltsters section from information supplied by Ivor Murrell following his talk to the Bury Past and Present Society on 3rd October, 2022. Also added a CDV of the galleries in St Mary's church supplied by Gerald Brown to the Chronicle for 1869.
29th September 2022
Added a portrait of George Gery Milner Gibson Cullum from 1885 to Hardwick Heath section. Updated a few Cullum family details as well.
16th September 2022
Added a note to the Chronicle for 1919 with a picture of a Deadman's Penny memorial plaque issued to the next of kin of people who served and died in the Great War, 1914-1918.
9th September 2022
Added a note to the Chronicle for 2022 recording the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III. Also updated the list of monarchs.
6th September 2022
Added picture of Sir William Gage and account of the introduction of the Greengage to Chronicle for 1725. Source is Dr Francis Young's blog.
27th July 2022
Added pictures of the abbey as visualised by digital artist,Bob Marshall of Historic England to the Chronicle for 1220 and 1400. Also details of new Abbey Information panels to 2022.
16th July 2022
Added information on John Eldred of Nutmeg Hall at Great Saxham to the Chronicle for 1597 and 1632. Also details of Great Saxham Hall in 1793 and 2014. Also details of Barnardo's evacuation centres for boys to 1940, at places including Great Saxham Hall and Glebe House, Saxham, Fornham St Martin, Newmarket and Brandon. Barnardo's details come from the website by Peter Higginbotham.
19th June 2022
Added new section on the Babwell Friary and its eventual conversion to the Priory Hotel. It is located under the Abbey of St Edmund and other Monastic Topics page.
30th May 2022
Added details of the New England Company's acquisition of Eriswell in 1849, its difficulties upon Restoration in 1660, and sale to Duleep Singh in 1869. Also added Eriswell Anglo-Saxon finds in 1915.
29th May 2022
Added details of acquisition of the Priory in Chronicle and River Lark section for 1722. Also at River Lark for 1890, added details from 'West Suffolk Illustrated' about the damage to the Priory bridges caused by River widening works.
4th April 2022
Added details of the arrest of Victor Hervey, later the 6th Lord Bristol, for jewel robbery in the Chronicle for 1939.
3rd April 2022
Added further details of Lady Ann's Painted Closet to 1600 at the story of Hardwick Heath section, concerning Joseph Hall, her Chaplain and Rector of Hawstead for a few years. Added missing page of Cullum to the Gallery of same. Added picture of Lord Bristol and John Knight to Chronicle 1988, re sale of Manor House.
29th March 2022
Added details of Lady Ann's Painted Closet to 1600 at the story of Hardwick Heath section. Added a thumbnail to the same, plus a link to the Painted Closet section. Together with a link back from there to 1600 in the Hardwick History page.
14th March 2022
Added details of Parliamentary attempts to dispose of extra-parochial areas with reference to Hardwick to the story of Hardwick Heath section. References New Poor Law 1834, Poor Law Report of 1850, Extra Parochial Places Act 1857, and finally The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1868.
11th March 2022
Added details of Beeton's Footpath, and St Peter's Barn Farm, tenant George Beeton, and King Edward VI as landowners, with sale of two acres to allow the railway to be extended from Northgate Station to Newmarket. Chronicle for 1846, 1853 and 1854.
21st February 2022
Added a note on Walter Guinness's DSO and picture to Chronicle for 1917. Also a Cousins Portrait photo of Guinness to 1907. Added a postcard of the Abbey Gardens opening as a free facility in 1912. Riley Smith's staghounds picture added to 1904. And a picture of Captain Hervey RN, MP to 1906.
15th February 2022
Added a note on Cook and Son and also Alan Arthur, provided by Gerald Brown, to the section on Postcard publishers and photographers.
13th February 2022
Added comic postcard to the Chronicle commenting on the shortages of potatoes and sugar during 1917. Also small item about 25 Jewish refugees at Newmarket in 1939. Pictures of Frost Fairs in London, 1684 and 1814. Origins of 12th Foot in 1685, and 1713 in Chronicle.
10th February 2022
Added a major item to the Hardwick Heath section - Lady Anne Drury's Painted Closet. Included a description from Sir John Cullum's History of Hawsted, and also showing the display of the painted panels at Christchurch Mansion Museum in Ipswich.
9th February 2022
Added some details to Hardwick Heath Section:- Google Earth view, colour portraits of 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th baronets from "Oil Paintings in Public Ownership", and the Estate sales maps of 1924 and 1925.
7th February 2022
Added two Ducksluice views to River Lark landmarks page 2. Added item about Hengrave Hall hospital to WWI Chronicle for 1918. Added picture of rotten potatoes to Chronicle for 1917. And Lavenham protest poster to Chronicle 1911.
5th February 2022
Added a major new section on Hardwick Heath, the families Drury and Cullum, and their connections to Hawstead Place.
4th January 2022
Added an improved copy of V Heasman's 1963 gasworks painting to Gas section. Updated the Chronicle for 1915 with a picture of T H Nice's cycle shop before the destruction by bombing, supplied by Martyn Taylor. Added dates for Cousins photographers studio recorded in 1916 and 1925/26 Directories to photographers section.
YEAR 2021
26th December 2021
Updated the Chronicle for 1834 with a link from Payne's map thumbnail to Payne's map page replacing the jpg. Payne's Map page now amended to include a high resolution version of the Payne map from Yale University, and a link back to the Chronicle for 1834.
27th November 2021
Updated the Chronicle for 1824 with account of the death of Capel Lofft and his memorial plaque at Troston. Also updated Chronicle for 1953 with picture of the last passenger train to Thetford supplied by Gerald Brown. Updated the Chronicle for 625 AD with account of finding Anglo-Saxon gold coins from that era in Norfolk in 2021.
12th November 2021
Updated the Chronicle for 2021 with account of finding Anglo-Saxon gold coins in Norfolk. Also added 1439 the gift of John Lydgate's The Life of St Edmund to King Henry VI.
12th October 2021
Updated the Chronicle for 2011 with Rogers Garage, 2021 with abseilers on the abbey ruins, and 1410 with a reference to the Gough map following SIAH talk by Professor Mark Bailey. Also added the East Anglian section of the Gough map to the Maps homepage.
26th August 2021
Updated the Chronicle for 1824 with further details of the new Glemsford silk mill, and 1849 with a picture of the newly installed steam engine at that silk mill. Also added to the list of Observer Posts in 1939 to include Lakenheath, previously omitted from many records. Also a picture of the Lakenheath post by courtesy of the Lakenheath Heritage Group. Also added WLA poster to 1939, Roy Silverlock's plan of the Lakenheath WLA hostel to 1942, and picture of WLA celebrations at Lakenheath in 1945. All of these are thanks to Lakenheath heritage Group, and particularly their Chair, David Jones.
3rd August 2021
Updated the Chronicle for pictures of building the A45 at Thingoe Hill in 1973, tendering for air raid shelter demolition in 1947, and Freedom of the Borough for Lord Allenby in 1920. Added to Boby's Engineering section for 1852 an advert for Bridgman's Chemist shop.
28th July 2021
Updated the Chronicle for picture of Fornham Road fire station in 1986, Langton garage in 1983, and Langton Place shops in 1987. Fornham Park section added view of tank in 1943. Maltsters section added nice view of Gough's maltings with steam trains to 1925.
23rd June 2021
Updated the Chronicle at 400,000 BP for the 1998 interview of Dr John Gowlett on the excavations at Beeches Pit, with a link to the BBC Sounds website.
12th June 2021
Updated the 21st century Chronicle for the latest Pandemic news.
30th May 2021
Added a note by David Eddershaw on Grove Park council housing to Chronicle for 1920. Also pictures of Hand Laundry and a cork model of the Abbey to 1930.
25th May 2021
Added a small but significant item to the story of Robert Boby Engineering, supplied by Mr Forster of Stowmarket concerning the final closure of Boby's in June 1973. Also updated the Chronicle in 1973 for the same information.
4th May 2021
Added Professor Michael Chisholm's map of the Fenland rivers to River Lark section 1090 and 1604, and also to the Chronicle for those dates. Also included it in Maps Homepage. Also details of Friendly Societies Gala with balloon ride in 1888 to Chronicle. Also added a scan of a cheque issued in 1862 by Worlledge and Huddleston's Bank to Banknotes section. Scan kindly supplied by Martyn Taylor.
20th February 2021
Added EADT article from 1937 on discovery of Nichols gibbet at Honington to Chronicle. Also a nice picture of Goughs Maltings behind the tin tabernacle to 1903 Maltsters section. And updated Religious section as well.
12th February 2021
Added CDV picture of the Grammar School in Northgate Street to the Chronicle for 1867. Also added the reverse Clarke and Wallace logo to the Photographers section under the entry for J W Clarke. Thanks to Gerald Brown for supplying a scan of this rare CDV.
6th February 2021
Added his portrait and details of Vesey Alfred Davoren to Chronicle for 1915. Also details of his father who was Bury Mayor in 1911-1912.
5th February 2021
Added some details about Jesse Gough to the Maltsters section for 1879, with a few corrections to Gough's Maltings, including sale date of 1946. Also added details for the Gedge and Barker partnership to the Chronicle for 1810, and also to the section on Pawsey's printers in the section on Trade and Industry. All of these details supplied by Andrew Gough. Added a photo of the mock funeral for the Thetford Flyer supplied by Tom Epton to the Chronicle for 1953.
26th January 2021
Added Debenhams demise to Chronicle 2021, and Cathedral Yard excavations to 1988 Chronicle.
16th January 2021
Added Beaufort's lock of hair picture to Chronicle for 1772. Also added the leaflet "Abbey Gardens, Botanic Guide" to Picture Stories page. Also added cross reference from Monastic and Abbey Gardens page. Leaflet scan supplied courtesy of David Albon.
11th January 2021
Added note to Chronicle about Deck's Photogenic paper with pic to Chronicle 1839. Added picture of Sanger's Circus lion to 1904, and cigarette card of Lt Col W E Guinness to Chronicle 1929.
10th January 2021
Added note to Chronicle about Sir Thomas Cullum's medical practice at 113 Northgate Street, with picture. New colour picture of his brother Sir John. Note on surviving Court Baron in Wikhambrook, in 1856 Chronicle. Added Syrett advert to Photographers section. Added picture of Crofts Place to 1622 with ruins of Little Saxham Hall. Ditto to 1773 when demolished. Also tidied up references to Little Saxham Hall lying within Ickworth Park only from 1808 t0 1930, courtesy of Bob Jones. Cross referred Ickworth map of 1665 to Maps section.
6th January 2021
Added picture of the Magpie Inn to Chronicle 1871. Also added details of Burrells' Chemical Fertiliser works in Westley Road to 1871. With a map and a copy of their press advertisement. Picture of Livermere Rectory added to 1865 Chronicle.
4th January 2021
Updated the entries for Primitive Methodists at 1820, 1830, and 1851 in the Chronicle and the Religious Dissent Section. The main change is the date for the first Primitive Methodist Chapel is changed from 1820 to 1830. The 1820 date seems to have arisen from misprints in the Directories of the 19th century. Also added a plaque at 1865 marking an extension to the Primitive Methodist Chapel at 23A Garland Street.
YEAR 2020
25th December 2020
Added one new picture to the Chronicle for 1927 - postcard of Co-Operative stores in Brentgovel Street. Also updated 2020 with Corona Virus latest news.
20th December 2020
Added one new picture to the Fornham Park section for 1943 and 1944 - Concert party programme by the C Squadron 144th Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps.. Also a note on Hobart's 'Funnies' tank development.
14th December 2020
Added one new picture to the Chronicle section for 1962 - Martin Biddles photo of excavated walls of Bradfield House. Added banknotes for Worlledge 1855 and Oakes 1898 to Banknotes section.
7th December 2020
Added five new pictures to the Chronicle section collected from Facebook page 'Old Bury St Edmunds'. Years updated are 1980 Sports Centre fire; 1980, Bushel; 1953 Coronation carnival; Banknotes introduction 1894 Gurneys Bank; 2006 Sorting Office removal.
6th December 2020
Added four new banknotes to the Local Banks section collected from internet catalogues etc..
3rd December 2020
Added a picture from Gerald Brown's collection of peace celebrations on Angel Hill, 19th July, 1919.
28th November 2020
Added a note on the building of the Grammar School bridge over the river to the Abbey gardens to the Chronicle for 1883, following an enquiry from Alan Jary. Also added M R James plan of the abbey to the Chronicle for 1895, and a link from the Monastic homepage.
25th November 2020
Added two sections to the Picture Story Page. A leaflet describing the Reorganisation of the Cattle Market in 1958, and a leaflet describing the Great Churchyard and its historical interest, from 1996. Also updated the relevant dates in the Chronicle with links to these.
23rd November 2020
Added article on Paper Money and the local early banks in Bury St Edmunds to the "Coins, Tokens and Banknotes" gallery section. Added an 1894 cheque of Gurneys, Birkbecks, Barclay & Buxton Bankers to the banknote gallery.
8th November 2020
Added Corona Virus impact on Remembrance Sunday to Chronicle for 2020, and also the Lifeboat Procession postcard to Chronicle for 1906.
6th November 2020
Added details of Abbot Baldwin's book of Antidotes or Antidotarum to the Chronicle for 1065. Thanks to Terry O'Donaghue for the reference. Also for details of the Hospital's development added to the Chronicle in 1847, 1937, 1939, and 1979.
5th November 2020
Added Corona Virus advice leaflet from Suffolk County Council to Chronicle for 2020, and also to Picture Story Homepage.
4th November 2020
Added picture of Jackamans Pool to Chronicle for 1893, when it was taken over by the Corporation.
24th October 2020
Added details of John de Lakenheath and his Lakenheath Register to Chronicle for 1378 and 1381.
23rd October 2020
Added details and pictures of Red Cross Hospital in Northgate Street, and fund raising for it, to Chronicle 1916.
20th October 2020
Added some pictures and details from Ronnie Munday concerning her Great Grandfather Alexander Cooke, a railwayman. I added a picture of the floods at the Tollgate probably from 1912 to the Chronicle, and to the section on the photographer, Walton Burrell. Also added the flood picture and a studio portrait of A J Cooke and another of him driving the Great Eastern Railways parcels waggon to Picture Stories/A J Cooke section.

Also added Catherine Foster's execution with picture of a satirical poster to Chronicle for 1847.

13th September 2020
Added details and a location map of Roman Roads in Suffolk to the Antonine Itinerary of 210 AD in the Chronicle. Map by courtesy of David Ratledge's website with new roads identified by LIDAR. Also added details of the Roman temple at Caistor St Edmund just released in 2020, with picture, at the Chronicle for 130 AD.
6th September 2020
Added details and a location map of the Quakers' Burial Ground to the Religion Section 1748.
2nd September 2020
Added details of the death of Francis King Eagle in 1856, together with picture of his memorial, supplied by Martyn Taylor.
31st August 2020
Added the following pictures to the Chronicle:- POWs at Hardwick Camp, 1944; Poster of band concert to 1918, and armistice train carriage to 1918.
21st August 2020
Added picture of RAOB outing to Lowestoft from the Cricketers pub in June, 1958 to Chronicle. Bought on EBay. Also added details of B17 aeroplane "Idiot's Delight" completing 50 missions in 1944 at Rougham. Added details on Vera Evison to West Stow site history.
20th August 2020
Added a complete new section called Church and Chapel, A Variety of Religious Experience : Dissent and Non Conformity through the Ages. Mainly this is extracted from the Chronicle with a few extra details. (I could not find details of Church of Latter Day Saints or Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall dates.)
18th August 2020
Added picture of 6 Westgate Street rear to Chronicle 1846, courtesy of Gerald Brown. Also added Henry VI sainthood details from Dr Heather Falvey and picture from Eye Rood screen from Anne Willoughby to 1471. And Southgate Community Centre picture to 2011.
3rd August 2020
Added a few details to the Chronicle. Great Famine 1315-17 with picture of 3rd horseman of the apocalypse. Also added story of Shipden, Norfolk, fell in the sea, 1336 -1400, located at 1347 in the Chronicle.
27th July 2020
Added a few details to H R Barker and Horace Barker his father to section on Pawseys, and to Chronicle for 1885. Details kindly supplied by Andrew Gough, a descendent.
14th July 2020
Added major new section on Malting and Maltsters, with Introduction to Brewing, Description of the Malting process, Maltsters and their maltings through the ages. Also with a link to Boby's catalogue of Maltsters Requisites.
25th June 2020
Added details of H R Barker with picture to Chronicle 1899 with thanks to Andrew Gough for supplying these. Also added some details of Jesse Gough's maltings, with pictures, and life 1870 also from the same source. Picture of Cotton Lane sewer added to 1962.
16th June 2020
Added a photo of apprentices working on the Mildenhall Road Estate in 1946. Included the BFP article of 1st March 1946. Added some 20th century details to Boby's from Newspaper article BFP December 28th, 2018, by Michael Gould, ex Boby apprentice. Amended main homepage to include more details about the history of making the Chronicle at the foot. Also added a shortcut straight to the Boby Station Works Section.
12th June 2020
Added a better photo of 'Friday Morning' to Rose Mead section. Also added picture of St Mary's interior by Rose Mead, taken 2006. Also added a new section to Trade and Industry called Boby's Station Works with text from the Society of Brewery History Journal number 174.
10th June 2020
Added the plan of the White House garden to section on West Stow mini chronicle for 1830. Added details of Revd Henslow at Hitchin to Chronicle for 1837, and Eastlow Hill dig illustration in the Chronicle for 1843.
Also added two maps from QGIS section to Map section to allow easier access to people not interested in QGIS. (Domesday Individual Hundreds and Disappearing Hundred)
8th June 2020
Added first OS one inch map of Lark Valley area, based upon survey work including the drawing labelled "Culford" drawn by William Stanley for the Ordnance Survey. Added to the Chronicle for 1836, and to Maps section. Also added details of the new dioceses to the Chronicle for 1907 and 1914, together with maps from Roy Tricker's '100 Not Out'.
7th June 2020
Added hand drawn map of Lark Valley area, but labelled "Culford" drawn by William Stanley for the Ordnance Survey. Added to the Chronicle for 1820, and to Maps section. The original series of one inch OS published maps would be derived from this and similar two inch plans.
5th June 2020
Added Past, Present and Future, a public consultation document on the future of the Abbey Gardens and the Abbey of St Edmund, issued January, 2019. Added to Reports and Picture Stories section.
31st May 2020
Added picture of Westley Airfield to 1936. Also pic of B17s to 1943 at Rougham Airfield. Also bread shortage in 1974 - West End Bakery. Supplied by Andrew Gough, John Marshal et al to Facebook page 'Old Bury St Edmunds'.
30th May 2020
Added picture of the Bus station and Brentgovel Street to the Chronicle for 1981 and details of traffic issues there. Pictures by Wendy Rees on Facebook. Also from Facebook page Old Bury St Edmunds, added pictures of women engineers at Mann Egerton during WWII at Chronicle for 1941, supplied by Mick Brabrook. Also added a new picture of Fireman Peter Place to the Fire Brigade section.
28th May 2020
Added picture of Flempton clubhouse in 1922 to the Chronicle for 1895. Picture and information supplied by Omar James-Johnson via Flempton Golf Course website.
27th May 2020
Added picture of 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment to the Chronicle for 1914. Picture and information supplied by Omar James-Johnson. Also added Gough's maltings picture and details to 1870, and Jesse Gough picture to 1885, and various Andrews pics and Plumpton details to 2018, 1887 and 1874. Supplied by Andrews family descendants.
26th May 2020
Added picture postcard of Argylls playing golf in 1917 at Flempton to Walton Burrell section and to WWI Gallery. Picture and information supplied by Omar James-Johnson.
23rd May 2020
Added new details of the state of rail traffic in 1970, provided by Gerald Brown. Added to Chronicle for 1970 together with two diagrams of goods types and volumes.
22nd May 2020
Added new details to the Chronicle of the installation of the new railway bridge over the A45 bypass under construction in 1973. Picture kindly supplied by G Brown also shows new sugar silos being installed at the Sugar Beet factory. Also added map of Suffolk cloth towns to Chronicle for 1460, and link from Maps homepage. Also added photos and details about the goods shed at Bury Station in 1952 and 1953, details also supplied by Gerald Brown, from Historic England publication.
18th May 2020
Added new details of Philip Deck's Post Office to the Chronicle for 1769, and John Rackham's lending library to Chronicle for 1778. Information gained from Tony Copsey's book "Suffolk Book Trades".
16th May 2020
Added new section on Rose Mead's twelve postcards produced for the Pageant of 1907 to the Official Openings and Picture Stories Homepage. Added a link from the Chronicle for 1907 to the Postcard Page, and back. Also added a link from Rose Mead leaflet page to the Postcards.
15th May 2020
Added new section on Rose Mead, local artist, to the Official Openings and Picture Stories Homepage. It is mainly the leaflet "Rose Mead Artist of Bury St Edmunds" by Chris Reeve. Plus two dozen examples of her paintings.
7th May 2020
Added link to the Blue Plaque Trail Leaflet of 2012 to the Official Openings and Picture Stories Homepage. Also added link to Sybil Andrews Page from Chronicle 1918, and a return link. Revised some details on Sybil Andrews page.
30th April 2020
Added the Blue Plaque Trail Leaflet of 2012 to the Wall plaques Homepage.
29th April 2020
Re-worked the Main Home Page by removing the column of 'Introducing' our towns. Replaced by a column of Latest Additions to the website. Only major additions of pages will be listed here. Top addition is Cybil Andrews Artist, of course.
29th April 2020
Added an extensive new section called "Sybil Andrews Local Artist of Britain and Canada." It is found on the Trade and Industry homepage. This work was inspired by an email from Andrew Gough containing valuable corrections to some items in the Chronicle about Sybil's connection to Woolpit.
12th April 2020
Added new section called "Career of A J Cooke, railwayman from 1885 to 1932, died 1945" to the Trade and Industries homepage. I found this PDF on my computer during the virus lockdown, but I had forgotten that it had already been loaded under Picture Stories. It also fits well into Trade and Industry as part of the Working Life items.
25th March 2020
Added new section called "Working Time" to the Clocks homepage and also to Museums and exhibits. It is a catalogue of an exhibition of work related timepieces held at the Manor House Museum in 1994.
21st March 2020
Updated the 21st century for the momentous events of early 2020, from flooding, leaving the EU and the sudden realisation of the impact of Corona Virus.
2nd March 2020
A major new section has finally seen the light of day in March 2020. It is something I have been wrestling with since 2010, without really deciding how best to proceed. I have always wanted to include the Ph D thesis of Abby Antrobus as an important contribution to our local history. Anyway after much indecision the new section can be found on the main Homepage entitled "Exploring the Development of Bury St Edmunds" under the heading "Exhibits and Evidence".
YEAR 2019
21st December 2019
Updated the 20th century for the petrol shortage in 1957, with picture. Added section on QGIS 3 update for the home mapping pages.
20th November 2019
Updated the 17th century clockmakers section to give further information about Luke Cocksedge and Robert Sparke, the two earliest Suffolk makers. Data from family history website of Linley Cooper at
16th November 2019
Updated Chronicle for 1962 and 1963 for big freeze picture of frozen Livermere Lake from BFP published on Facebook page Old Bury St Edmunds. Also updated 1870 and 1871 for the new priest arriving at St John's church and its move towards Anglo-Catholicism.
7th November 2019
Updated Chronicle for 1,700 BC with newly published details of the Great Orme copper mines by Llandudno, North Wales. Online details at
23rd October 2019
Updated Chronicle for 1893 with the story of the first rural council housing at Stow Road Ixworth. Using material found at the Blog of John Boughton entitled Municipal Dreams.
15th October 2019
Updated Fornham Park section with details of finding many skeletons in 1826. Reported by John Gage Rokewood in the 1840 publication of Jocelin's Chronicle by the Camden Society. Apparently first published in the Gentlman's Magazine in 1827.
9th October 2019
Thanks go to Dr Francis Young for discovering an unknown portrait of Abbot William Bunting, alias Coddenham, who ruled St Edmunds Abbey from 1497 until his death in 1513. I have updated the Chronicle at 1503 for this discovery. Also amended the list of Abbots as Yates mistakenly had William Bunting and William Coddenham as two different men.
5th October 2019
Thanks go to Martyn Taylor for finding and allowing publication of a Combined Military and Civil Defence Plan for Bury St Edmunds from May, 1942. This 28 page document has been added the Reports and Picture Stories section. Links are also available from the Chronicle for 1942.
1st October 2019
Updated 21st century Chronicle for 2019 with Tayfen Gasworks development and summer hot weather etc..
6th September 2019
Updated details of building of St John's church in the Chronicle 1841, thanks to information from Martyn Taylor. Also from MT corrected the list of Abbots under Monastic Topics.
31st August 2019
Added details of Nicholas Gyrling token to C17 tokens page 3. Gyrling was at the Queens Head inn presumably.
29th August 2019
Added details of discovery of Australopithecus skull from 3.8 million years ago in Northern Ethiopia. Details from the Times and the Guardian newspapers.
11th July 2019
Added more details and pictures to the new section on Walton Burrell's life and postcards.
7th July 2019
Added more details to the new section on Walton Burrell's life and postcards at 1917 and 1918. There is more to come.(This can be found in the Photography section of the Trade and Industry homepage.)
5th July 2019
Added more details to the new section on Walton Burrell's life and postcards. There is more to come.(This can be found in the Photography section of the Trade and Industry homepage.) Also added details of the Hadleigh Conference to 1833 with a picture of the Deanery Tower.
26th June 2019
Added a new section on Walton Burrell's life and postcards to the Photography section of the Trade and Industry homepage. Burrell still needs some revision, but it was getting too unwieldy to hold it back any more. Added booklet entitled 'Landscapes and Documents' to 1972 when a conference of that name was held in Bury St Edmunds.
14th June 2019
Added exciting discoveries in the North Sea of mesolithic settlements to 9,700 BP and to 2019.
10th June 2019
Added Susanna Berry's CDV logo to Photographers Section.
7th June 2019
Added details of Makin's warehouse at 50 Long Brackland to 1887. Details provided by Martyn Taylor, with thanks.
22nd May 2019
Added details to the origins of Cornish and Lloyds in 1840, coming from Swaffham. Details taken from The Plowright Story, with thanks to Graham Ferguson. Also updated 2018 and 2019.
6th May 2019
Added new Photographers and Postcard Publishers page to Trade and Industry Section. Also covers CDVs, and the history of F G Pawsey, printers of Bury St Edmunds, written by Bob Pawsey. It includes an alphabetical list of Victorian and C20 photographers with details of their premises, products etc where known.
4th May 2019
Added 1980 book on 'Victorian BSE in photographs' to Chronicle, and coalyard picture to River Lark c 1823.
8th January 2019
Added picture of a plaque depicting the bequest of money for ringing the Curfew Bell left in his will by John Parfay in 1509. Information and picture courtesy of Brian Milner.
YEAR 2018
26th November 2018
Added picture of a baptism in 1917 at West Row to River Lark section. Corrected a couple of details on WWI gallery re W R Burrell's pictures.
1st September 2018
Added picture of carved ox rib to Chronicle, Bronze Age 2000 BC. Found near Southwold. Updated 2018.
24th August 2018
Added picture of T Cross and R Kidson shops in Abbeygate Street in 1890, due for demolition to be replaced by Alliance Insurance building.
26th July 2018
Added details of Glenn Miller and the AAF Band to Chronicle 1944, and to Rougham aerodrome section.
23rd July 2018
Added Cambridge University maps of Suffolk roads 1675 and navigable rivers by 1729 to maps section and Chronicle. Also updated River Lark section at 1716.
19th July 2018
Added details of Neolithic discoveries at Seven Springs, Woodbridge, to 2800 BC in the Chronicle.
1st July 2018
Added Cyril Lawson fire brigade recollections to Trade and Industry homepage, now including 'the working life' and Slightly amended Trade and Industry entry on main homepage.
29th June 2018
Added pictures supplied by Leonard Lawson of his father, Cyril Lawson, to the Fire Brigade picture gallery, creating page 2. Also added pdf of Cyril Lawson's recollections of the fire brigade from 1927 - 1946.
4th June 2018
Added picture of willow harvesting at West Stow to Willow and Houghton's Basket Works section. Also added Vera Evison obituary to Chronicle 2018. Both items use pictures from the Friends of West Stow.
18th May 2018
Added thumbnails to 1951 and 1952 to illustrate A B Whittingham's plan of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds. Also a new scan of it.
11th May 2018
Added development of the Sailing Lake, Lackford, pictures to Chronicle for 1981 and 1982 from "We Love BSE" Facebook page. Also a picture of a new Fornham Sword found on the Golf Course by a digger in April, 2017.
2nd May 2018
Added the story of St Albans Catholic Primary School, together with some town expansion notes taken from the John Saunders' publication, "Ahead of its Time". Also added to 1876 the Sanctuary Lamp picture with details supplied by Mr Saunders. Also P&P website picture of Robinson's skating rink to 1876.
30th April 2018
Added Prideaux sketches of Abbey ruins to Chronicle 1735. Also Godfrey engraving of the ruins to 1779, together with a new folder 'prints' containing 3 close up views of the details of the ruins in Godfrey's print. Also added advert by Prentice for his new Railway Wharf to 1855, and advert for sale of River Lark Navigation to 1867 entry in River Lark after 1600. Also added postcard of the camp at Fornham to 1779.
29th April 2018
Added Whittingham's plan of the abbey published in Archaeological Journal 1951, volume 108, to Monastic Topics page. Also added link to all these monastic plans from the Maps homepage, to avoid them being overlooked.
23rd April 2018
Added details of fireman Cyril Lawson to the Fire Brigade 1930s section. Information supplied by his son, Leonard Lawson.
16th April 2018
Added note of the transport of Ketton Stone to Bury by barge to build the Catholic church. Added to 1836 Chronicle, (with picture of old chapel) and to River Lark section. Information supplied by John Saunders.
9th April 2018
Added pictures of John Gage's house and the Catholic chapel of 1760, and the catholic license to worship of 1791.
7th April 2018
Added pictures to Close up on Haverhill - Queen Street floods in 1903. Also PC Saunders 1958 - a larger version for modern broadband users.
4th April 2018
Added extract of Warren's map of 1791 to show location of Catholic Chapel in the Chronicle for 1791. Also added pictures to C18 clockmakers section of a lantern clock by Thomas Mortlock of Stradishall, supplied by Barry Dowsett.
2nd April 2018
Added stone coffin from West Stow AS museum to River Lark section and the Chronicle, AD 250, to illustrate use of River Lark to transport Barnack stone in Roman times.
21st March 2018
Added part of Warren's map of 1791 to Chronicle and to River Lark sections for 1699, showing land held by Ashley Palmer. Presumably bought by Henry Ashley for his proposed but abortive wharf to be built within Bury St Edmunds.
12th March 2018
Added pictures and text concerning two watch movements by Joseph Warren of Ixworth to Clockmakers Page. Details and picture of earliest watch by Allan Mitchell and all details of both watches kindly supplied by John Hutton.
24th February 2018
Added picture and text concerning La Pasiega cave art now attributed to Neanderthal man 65,000 years ago. See Chronicle for that date.
22nd February 2018
Added picture of Trumpington Beaker Graves to Chronicle for 1,975 BC, and Beaker people DNA details to 2,500 BC and map to Chronicle for 2,100 BC.
15th February 2018
Added picture of MkIII Wellington of 419 RCAF to 1942 Chronicle, with some details added to December 1941 and 1942.
14th February 2018
Added National Geographic illustration of Doggerland to Ice Age map section as suggested by Michi from Germany. Shows Elbe flowing east of Jutland, not west as at present.
12th February 2018
Added Waitrose and Robert Boby Way pictures from Mike Peyton to Chronicle for 1992 and 1993. Also to Story of Boby's factory.
23rd January 2018
Added print of 1821 Chapel, engraved by Strutt, taken to be St Nicholas's chapel in Eastgate Street, showing that the large window from St Petronilla's was in place by 1821. Added picture and details to 1821 in the Chronicle also.
14th January 2018
Added one 17th century token to Coins and Tokens page for John Lansetter of Cooke Row in Bury from pictures kindly supplied by Moyse's Hall Museum.
13th January 2018
Added several more pictures and text to the Chronicle from "Bury St Edmunds at Work" by Martyn Taylor. (Treatt, Van Melle, Andrews & Plumpton, R Green)
1st January 2018
Added several pictures and text to the Chronicle, some from "Bury St Edmunds at Work" by Martyn Taylor. (Snuff, B Greene, Quality Castings) and others.
YEAR 2017
28th December 2017
Added details of National Fire Service to Chronicle for 1941, together with picture of Sudbury women in the Fire Service.
27th December 2017
Added Abbeygate picture by Tom Girtin to Chronicle 1793. Added details of Christmas riots 1647, and John Lansiter's Independence covenant to 1646, with illustrations of pamphlets from SIAH Volume 28. Also details of Giffin Rayment lantern clock supplied by Marc Honcoop of the Netherlands.
18th December 2017
Added map showing location of Willow Cottages to Chronicle, 1955, to illustrate subsidence areas. On 19th added a note to Houghton's Basket Works page on Trade and Industry main page.
14th December 2017
Added a new page showing the Gas works heritage booklet issued by National Grid to the Public Utilities section on the Trade and Industry homepage. Also added the associated video by National Grid to YouTube, with a link to it put on Trade and Industry homepage.
13th December 2017
Added a new page on Life in the Brackland from 1931 by David Burroughs to Trade and Industry pages. Also added pictures to Houghton's Basketworks article by Martyn Taylor on Trade and Industries page.
11th December 2017
Added details of Winfarthing woman to the Ixworth Cross page. Also added Houghton's Basketworks article by Martyn Taylor to Trade and Industries page.
7th December 2017
Replaced aerial view of the Northgate area 800 pixels wide by a new scan of 1200 wide. Used in the Chronicle for 1959, and also Boby story for 1959. Original from a book page sold on EBay December, 2017. Also added details of Winfarthing woman to Chronicle for 2017 and also at 665 AD.
22nd November 2017
Added details of Battle of Brunnanburh, AD 937, and new battle site according to Professor Michael Wood, reported in the Times of 21/11/2017.
18th November 2017
Added a copy of Canute's charter of 1021-1023 to the Chronicle for 1023. Picture supplied by Kings Lynn museum. Also added their translation to Chronicle text and also to S980 charter page.
14th October 2017
Added details of new building and museum re-vamp to West Stow history page.
9th October 2017
Added page 2a, (with 5 tokens) to Tokens of 17th century, and amended some text on other 17th century token pages.
1st October 2017
Updated Chronicle for 2017.
16th September 2017
Added details of the 1922 Guide Book to Bury St Edmunds to the Chronicle, found on E-Bay.
13th August 2017
Added picture of Abbey gardens tank being scrapped in 1933. Also corrected entry for the tank arriving in 1919. Information supplied by Stewart Evans to the Facebook Group, 'We love Bury St Edmunds.'
21st July 2017
Added picture of Houghton's basket works to Chronicle 1916.
3rd June 2017
Added picture of Lumberjills to Chronicle 1942. Also added the Cornish and Lloyds strike of 1918.
21st April 2017
Had to change my email address to as lineone mailbox fell over.
4th April 2017
Added details and picture of the closure of Lamson Paragon works in 1994.
31st March 2017
Added details and picture of The Evening Institute in 1937, - a visit to London Brick Works at Stewartby.
27th March 2017
Added details and picture of short cross penny minted at Bury by Norman for Henry III to Medieval Coinage section. Also correction to detail on Philip Aimery de Tours. Both items supplied by courtesy of Stuart Noon.
5th February 2017
Added details of 'On war service' badges to WWI Gallery page 08, with pictures.
22nd January 2017
Added details of USA entering WWI in 1917, and further details on U-Boat war in 1917. Added details to Chronicle for 2016 including Sybil Andrews Academy and Eastern Relief Road, new Zeppelins over Bury book and Nick Amor on the medieval Cloth Industry in Suffolk. Added some woollen cloth detail to 15th century.
YEAR 2016
28th December 2016
Corrected the details of the Spendlove family of clockmakers, as supplied by Trevor Spindler, (pers comm) and his article in Antiquarian Horology December, 2010. Grateful thanks to him.
23rd December 2016
Added detail to WWI gallery page 4 - information from Mrs B Clements, naming her mother and uncle in one of the pictures of Springfield Road. Also added link to Spanton-Jarman collection to Chronicle at 1975, retirement of Oswald Jarman.
20th December 2016
Added picture of the Spanton Family to 1870, from Spanton-Jarman collection.
18th December 2016
Added picture of Pawsey's shop in Hatter Street, decorated for the coronation of 1902. Thanks to Bob Pawsey for this picture.
23rd November 2016
Added Elmswell aerodrome and picture to 1917 in the Chronicle.
9th November 2016
Corrected some details around the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in the Chronicle for 1630. As pointed out by Mark Thompson - many thanks. Also added gasworks picture to Gas section.
19th September 2016
Added 6 pictures from Martyn Taylor's "A-Z Bury St Edmunds", just published. To 1960s 70s, 80s Chronicle, 1865 Chronicle, and the 1968 floods.
29th August 2016
Added to QGIS maps section, a link to Geography GIS website. Added Breckland map and Domesday Hundreds map to Maps and Plans section.
28th August 2016
Updated 2016, and 2015 with College Mews, and 1916 with Military Service Act poster. Amended Fornham Park to expand on Capability Brown's work.
14th August 2016
Updated 2016, and a few minor details about Boby's foundry demolition. Added gravel details to Fornham Park, and a garden side view of the Hall.
6th August 2016
Added roadmap 1786 to Fornham Park section, along with replacement Sales map 1843 and replaced monochrome maps with better digital pictures from SRO.
28th July 2016
Updated Chronicle 1964, and 3 pictures added to Fornham Park section.
26th July 2016
Updated Chronicle 1968 and 1970 to adjust the text on Beetons Way underpass with a picture from 'We love Bury St Edmunds'.
22nd July 2016
Updated Chronicle to UTF 8 encoding from ANSI because suddenly browsers are making GBP signs and other characters into ? signs in a black diamond. Up to Haverhill pages changed. Also changed Fornham Park map at 1820 to my own photograph for better definition. And extra commentary on Fornham maps.
17th July 2016
Updated Chronicle for 1983, 1972 and 1959 with pictures from 'We love Bury St Edmunds' contributors.
15th July 2016
Updated Chronicle for 1945, 1950 and 1952 with details of land purchased from Fornham Park estate for council housing at the Mildenhall and Howard estates. Also added wheeled bin details to 2016, 2004, 1995, 1986.
10th July 2016
Add details from 1950 Sales brochure, including map of Fornham Park estate at the time. Other additions and corrections made to Fornham Park details. Also added 'Quick Links' to top and foot of page for Fornham Park.
3rd July 2016
Add detail from 1882 25 inch map of Fornham Park.
30th June 2016
Adding maps from Record Office of 1769 and 1788 - Fornham Park and Fornham St Genevieve estate.
24th-26th June 2016
Adding more details and pictures to section on Fornham Park and Fornham St Genevieve estate.
20th June 2016
Adding more details to section on Fornham Park and Fornham St Genevieve estate. Updated River Lark with negotiations in 1693.
16th June 2016
Began adding a new section on Fornham Park and Fornham St Genevieve estate.
7th June 2016
Added stalagmite ring in the Bruniquel Cave to 176,000 BP, with picture.
5th May 2016
Added new picture story of the life of Alexander Cooke, a railwayman at Bury St Edmunds from 1892 to 1932.
28th April 2016
Added new picture story of the life and demolition of the last gasholder in Bury St Edmunds. Also found under Gas section.
24th April 2016
Added High Lodge Training Camp 1928. Also updated 2014 and 2016 for Breaking New Ground.
17th April 2016
Added Boby Brothers coal advert to Boby section from Martyn Taylor's collection. Also Kings Road windmill to 1913 Chronicle, and Young Roots SFB Autopsy project to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village section.
10th April 2016
Added a Richard Rayment longcase clock to the C18th century clockmakers list.
6th April 2016
Added pieces from newspaper clippings to Boby and Cornish sections. Also added Oswald Jarman pics and details to Chronicle C20th.
2nd April 2016
Added lantern clocks to the C18th century clockmakers for William and Mark Hawkins, John Rowning of Newmarket, and a Richard Rayment miniature lantern clock.
28th March 2016
Added picture of Northgate Foundry to section on Boby's Engineering 1900.
27th March 2016
Added picture of Robert Debenham clock from Long Melford to clockmakers section.
24th March 2016
Added picture of boating at Fornham Park to 1914.
20th March 2016
Added new office picture to story of Robert Boby. Added two more pictures to the Story of Nurse Dawson in WWI. Added details to George Cornish article.
19th March 2016
Added the story of Nurse Dawson at Ampton Hall to WWI picture gallery.
18th March 2016
Added Rose Mead's Athenaeum Kitchen to 1933 in the Chronicle. Added gasworks picture 1970 to the Gas section, and ported gasholder demolition from Chronicle to Gas History. Added details from Beverley Burroughs to 1930s firemen page. Updated Monastic Homepage to include the post reformation history of the Abbey Gardens and menagerie. Added market day picture to 1953 Chronicle. Added to Flood pages pictures from Facebook contributors.
15th March 2016
Added Garboldisham macehead to 3,200 BC in the Chronicle, as it has been radiocarbon dated.
9th March 2016
Updated Chronicle 1986 with a picture of Risbygate Street in that year.
23rd February 2016
Updated Chronicle 2016 and 900 BC for discovery of a Bronze Age wheel at Must Farm, near Whittlesey.
20th February 2016
Added details to Boby's and Cornish & Lloyds. Also Chronicle for Rougham in 1914, and Madame de Genlis in 1792 and note about Louis Philippe's plaque.
15th January 2016
Added details of Must Farm logboats and Must Farm roundhouse to late Bronze Age details.
11th January 2016
Added my map of the Hundreds of Suffolk in mid 19th century to Map section.
3rd January 2016
Added Napoleon Aprile clock from Sudbury to 19th century clockmakers. Thanks to Philip Snowden for the information.
YEAR 2015
24th December 2015
Amended WWI gallery page 8 to include Boby Munitions workers picture and add Dorothy Goulding details to women ambulance driver picture.
23rd December 2015
Added details of John Bean's book on Wickhambrook to 1995, "Ten Miles from Anywhere". With pictures and a carrier added to 1928.
19th December 2015
Added three pictures supplied by Gerald Brown to Robert Boby history and ported the details over to the Chronicle up to 1943. Added 'Bury Memories' to 2015.
16th December 2015
Took Robert Boby history and ported some details over to the Chronicle up to 2000. Added gasholder demolition to 2015.
15th December 2015
Modified the text of 19th century Robert Boby history, and ported some details over to the Chronicle up to 1900.
14th December 2015
Added the article on Robert Boby which was taken from the Bury and Norwich Post of March 11th 1884, and subsequently reproduced in the 1887 Jubilee History of Bury St Edmunds.
13th December 2015
Added further details about Robert Boby Engineering from press cuttings at the WS Record Office. Streets File Box 'Robert Boby Way.' Also pictures.
11th December 2015
Added details about Robert Boby Engineering from press cuttings at the WS Record Office. Streets File Box 'Robert Boby Way.'
5th December 2015
Added details from Gerald Brown about air crashes in 1938 and 1939. Also his scan of a postcard of the 1916 Zeppelin funeral outside St Mary's church - added to WWI gallery page 4b
3rd November 2015
Added notes from Dr Francis Young's talk to the Bury Past and Present Society on 2nd November. It covers Catholicism in Bury from 1640 to 1767.
2nd November 2015
Added to Electricity Supply the details of Colonel Knights, Borough Electrical Engineer 1926, and 1939. Also added St Edmunds Place plaque to 1919. Also added details of the National Register taken in 1939 to produce ID cards.
31st October 2015
Added to Chronicle 1912 a picture of Welnetham Railway station, home of the Rake Factory. Also added to 2008 the replacement of the war memorial at St Edmunds Place, Bury.
19th October 2015
Added story of the St Edmunds Place war memorial and building of new St Edmunds Place. Added to Chronicle 1976 and Wall Plaques and WWI gallery
14th October 2015
Added 17 extra tutorials and examples to the QGIS homepage to accompany the SIAH article on QGIS and OS OpenData already loaded. Preparing these has taken the best part of two months.
14th September 2015
Updated the Domesday Section/Hundreds in the Liberty to include QGIS maps of the various Hundreds within the Liberty.
8th September 2015
Updated the 18th century clockmakers to include Daniel Ray, and his superb tavern clock for sale at Finchingfield Antiques. 9th September added a mantel clock by William Ray, his son. Thanks to Phil Snowden for the information.
7th September 2015
Updated the Chronicle for Rake Factory closure in 1990.
30th August 2015
Updated the Chronicle for 2015 with blue plaque on Denny's shop.
18th August 2015
Updated the Chronicle for 2015 with various development proposals, the Wolf Trail, and for 2014, the Barons Trail of bollards.
15th August 2015
Added new section to main homepage entitled "Guide to DIY mapping using QGIS", with a QGIS homepage and SIAH article on same topic.
Added family details to William Ray of Sudbury to C18 clockmakers. Also updated the 19th century section for William and David Ray, being grandsons of Wm Ray of Sudbury. Thanks to Nicola P for the information.
13th August 2015
Added clock by Thomas Gardiner of Sudbury to C18 clockmakers. Thanks to Philip Snowden for the tip.
18th July 2015
Added Borough Offices foundation stone to 1966 and Hawstead Place Moot Hall to 1910. Plus a few other details from cuttings etc.
8th July 2015
Amended bradmere.htm in Domesday Section, together with maps of Blackbourne Hundred in 1086 and 1850, and Bradmere in 1086, but this time I have included Rushford in Bradmere. Previously omitted in error, and Bradmere is now coloured yellow. Added MW 1789 (Mathias Wright) plaque on the Brewery to Chronicle for 1789, and to page 1 of the Wallplaques Section.
7th June 2015
Added bradmere.htm to Domesday Section, together with maps of Blackbourne Hundred in 1086 and 1850, and Bradmere in 1086. Also added hundreds.htm to Domesday section, to show the Hundreds as described by Anderson at the time of Domesday.
28th May 2015
Added picture of souvenir of wrecked Lancaster to 1945, Feb 2nd at Hengrave.
20th May 2015
Added map of East Anglian topography showing areas of peat and alluvium, which must have been wetlands or marsh or meres in the past.
17th May 2015
Added to section on George Cornish Ironworks an advert from 1867. Amended some railway text for Chronicle 1959-60 suggested by GB.
7th April 2015
Added to Chronicle for 1871 poster regarding abolition of Bury Fair. Also 1900 Relief of Mafeking poster and 1901, funeral of Queen Victoria poster. Added three pictures of Whitmore's Timber Yard, 1900, 1929, and 1958, taken from their website.
4th April 2015
Added to Chronicle for 1914 picture of Cullum's dinner for the 5th and 6th Suffolks. Added to 1953, 1959, and 1960, railway pictures from Gerald Brown, supplied by Added Thor missile picture from "Roaring Lions and Gasbags", article by Brian Milner to 1959. Added picture of Stowmarket cordite factory to WW1 Gallery and to 1915 Chronicle. Also picture of Stowmarket explosion in 1871. Plus appropriate text additions.
30th March 2015
Added to Chronicle for 17th century:- picture of Moyse's Hall (1626), the Pest Houses (1665), and Fire of London area plan, (1666). Added College Square Plaque to Chronicle, 1909. Modified the texts accompanying all pictures. Also updated the Chronicle for 2015, and also Wall Plaques page 07, with pictures and text of the Holocaust Memorial Garden.
29th March 2015
Added to Clock and Watch section, a tavern clock by William Ray of Sudbury, dated George III (1760-1820). Information and picture from Bonham's Auction House.
28th March 2015
Added to Clock and Watch section, a wallclock by William Ray of Sudbury, made 1750/1760. Information and picture supplied by my correspondent Mr PS of London.
23rd March 2015
Added to Chronicle details of various charities including Frenze's Spittle Houses on Risbygate Street, demolished in 1909. Picture of shell production at Spartan Engine Company of Brandon added to the Report of the Munitions Committee in the Great War. Also fire brigade picture added to Chronicle 1901.
12th March 2015
Added details of the Fornham St Martin A134 bypass to the Chronicle for 1992. Also a taxation survey and details for 1341, using SIAH online resouces: SIAH Volume 20, part 2, (1920), by REvd W A Wickham. Also details of the 1665 survey of Ickworth from the same source:- Proceedings of SIAH, volume XXXIX part 1, (1997), Mary Hesse .
24th February 2015
Added Lackford double lock pictures to River Lark landmarks page. Also updated Lark landmark pages from alt= to title=.
18th February 2015
Added to Chronicle for 1865 - G Hills' Plan of the Abbey from his 1865 work on the Antiquities of Bury. Sourced by courtesy of Richard Summers. Amended 1214 to a slightly earlier date for the Barons Meeting at Bury.
3rd February 2015
Added Cornish and Lloyds catalogue to the section on Trades and Industry. Added Bobys 1953 advert to Boby Story page.
28th January 2015
Added details of the Thetford WW1 airfield at Snarehill into 1912 and 1915, and as a Q site in WW2 at 1941.
22nd January 2015
Added RAF Honington 'At Home' 1958 Programme to Picture Story Page. Updated RAF History/Honington page with the same, and also Chronicle for 1958.
17th January 2015
Added Short Report of the East Anglian Munitions Committee 1914-1918 to Great War Gallery. Updated Robert Boby page with the same, and also Chronicle for 1915.
12th January 2015
Added relics from Hawstead air crash, September 1943. Added Little Willie and 'Comfortable at BSE' to WWI Gallery. Started 2015 with news announcement of Mildenhall American airbase closure.
YEAR 2014
24th December 2014
Added Dureall family picture to WWI gallery. Also to WWI gallery, a pottery landship Creme de Menthe, and Land Army Women at Ampton. In the Chronicle - changed picture to Barton Hall fire in 1914, and a plane trip at Bury in 1920.
15th December 2014
Added Martyn Taylor's Secret BSE book and Heritage Guides' new book Roaring Lions and Gasbags to Chronicle 2014. Also West Suffolk website and A11 opening. Added Rougham Camp as a Polish transit camp in Chronicle for 1946/47, and illustrations. Also a list of local Polish Displaced Persons Camps in the East from 1947 onwards from Zosia Biegus's website. Also added details of Hobart's Funnies at Livermere Camp in Chronicle for 1943, from BBC People's War website.
28th November 2014
Added new Picture page 2a in WWI Gallery section solely for the Elveden Explosives Area. Added new pictures from SRO, Swinton, and Roger Pugh's book on the EEA. Added Roger Pugh's "Most Secret Place on Earth" to Chronicle 2014.
24th October 2014
Added new sunken featured building to West Stow history section, and to Chronicle for 2014.
23rd October 2014
Added a detailed pdf of the BID for Bury area, showing all shops and businesses involved at 2009. Pdf from (BID = Business Improvement District)
3rd October 2014
Added 3 new pictures to Robert Boby history page, all newspaper clippings for evidence. Produced first draft of new page for George Cornish and the Cornish and Lloyds Iron and Brass Foundry, with some newspaper clippings and census information.
19th September 2014
Added 9 new pictures to Robert Boby history page. Mostly newspaper clippings for evidence, and some extra text regarding Josiah Le Butt's breakaway iron works.
15th September 2014
Added the contents of the 1820 Improvement Act to the Picture Stories section. Also a link from the Chronicle for 1820 to it. Amended 1815 note on St Andrews Castle to 'no link with Boby family in 1815.'
10th September 2014
Added census and newspaper details about C E Munford, Josiah Le Butt, T C Bridgman, and others, to section on Robert Boby's Ironworks. Added Crystal Palace to 1978. Amended wallplaques page 4 for BB ie Boby brothers. Small changes in What to See section.
3rd September 2014
Added Wilkin's Guide and Directory to Bury St Edmunds for 1867, in the Picture Story Section. (Shown by courtesy of the Martyn Taylor collection.)
31st August 2014
Added Robert Boby advertising feature from the Town Guide of 1906 to Trade and Industry section. (Shown by courtesy of the Martyn Taylor collection.) Also some further details of Robert and George Boby's lives from a Find my Past website subscription.
24th August 2014
Added Robert Boby Ephemera pages to Trade and Industry section. Letters and catalogues shown by courtesy of the Martyn Taylor collection.
22nd August 2014
Added details to Robert Boby page concerning his DOB and the death of his first wife and details of his only son. Taken from his obituary in the Bury and Norwich Post 7th December, 1886.
21st August 2014
Added pictures and text of Holy Trinity church tower at Long Melford. The lightning strike of 1710, the brick tower of 1725 (with Fred Watson photo from EBay), and the neo-Gothic rebuild of 1903.
7th August 2014
Added pictures and text of St John's church in 1866 from a W Spanton CDV just acquired on EBay.
22nd July 2014
Added important update to the section on the Ixworth/Stanton Anglo-Saxon pectoral cross discovered in the 19th century. Likely to have been a female attribute rather than that of a male bishop.
4th July 2014
Added pictures and text of the History of Robert Boby Engineering to Trade and Industry Homepage.
3rd July 2014
Added picture and text of Holme II woodhenge to 2014 and 2050BC.
21st June 2014
Added picture of Boby's Ironworks in WWI to WWI Gallery.
17th June 2014
Added picture of 1950s depot and a map to the Electricity section.
10th June 2014
Added second picture of the bombed shops from 1915 in Bury, showing the same scene with subtle extra detail, sufficient to indentify it. This was supplied by Gerald Brown. Thus able to move the picture from 1916 to correct 1915 page in WWI gallery. Special thanks to GB for this.
8th June 2014
Added details of the River House, (White House) West Stow from Audrey Morley.
3rd June 2014
Added new Electricity Section to the Trade and Industry homepage.
30th May 2014
Added pictures of 1912 army manoeuvres to Chronicle.
28th May 2014
Added pictures of Bury's Fire Brigade in the 1930s supplied by Grenville Wilson to the Picture Stories section.
25th May 2014
Added pictures from Cathedral Exhibition 800 years celebration at Magna Carta Section. Also skateboarders and women's cycle tour at 2014.
15th May 2014
Added details of Magna Carta 800 years celebration at Magna Carta Section, inc PDF from Greene and Greene.
4th May 2014
Added details of Magna Carta 800 years celebration, 2014.
28th April 2014
Added further details to mysterious explosion at Electric Plant in August 1943.
15th April 2014
Corrected detail of Madam Mayor, Eva Greene, 1927, and added some more details supplied by Martyn Taylor.
12th April 2014
Added to 2014 :- Norman Scarfe's obituary, A14 Cycle Bridge.
17th March 2014
Added two picture cards from Sudbury to WWI pages. Minor change of Penny to Savings Bank, 1892.
12th February 2014
Added pictures and text on 2014 flooding. Also story of 850,000 year old footprints at Happisburgh.
3rd February 2014
Added pictures and text to Doggerland in prehistory section. Added better picture for Fornham cursus.
30th January 2014
Updated 2014 details with Priors Inn picture, and 2013 with Victory ground plans picture.
23rd January 2014
Added new picture of Priors Inn to 1933, and included corrections to the named architect from Basil Oliver to Wm Mitchell, as pointed out by Dr Bettley. Also closure of Victory Ground pavilion, 2013.
17th January 2014
Added new pictures to Gallery of WW1 of Woodbridge and Felixstowe Zeppelin attacks. Also bomber attack on Ipswich, 1917. Also added war memorials at Haverhill, Denston, Culford and Elveden. Also heavy battery at Cavenham, Hengrave wounded. Updated Chronicle with these details where appropriate, and links to Gallery.
13th January 2014
Added new picture of Yarmouth Zeppelin attack in 1915. Revamped page 5 of Gallery WWI to accomodate it. Also changed layout of page 4a with one new picture of Mrs Wise's shop and replaced two others for better scans.
7th January 2014
Replaced better picture of Causeway Bridge crash in 1890. Added Fornham All Saints memorial to Gallery WWI. New map of St Edmunds brewery 1890, tweaked Braddock's sale 1868.
YEAR 2013
20th December 2013
Updated year 2007 with Eye dig, and 1970 with Maynewater Lane widening. Updated the WWI Picture Gallery with maps extracted from Zeppelins over Bury by Gareth Jenkins. Divided Bury raids into two pages, 1915 and 1916 for clarity.
10th December 2013
Updated year 2013 with new Bury books and pictures of red kite etc. Also added some Archaeology Service pictures to Bronze Age, Iron Age and Anglo-Saxons. Thetford ware item at 880AD.
8th December 2013
Updated year 2013 with sculptures on roundabouts, tidal surge, etc. Also added West Stow reunion, and cutbacks.
3rd December 2013
Added rationing to WWI Chronicle, plus a few other tweaks there. Replaced blurred C18 tokens.
24th November 2013
Added the World War I Picture Gallery, together with the Soldiers' Visitor Book from the Abbey Ruins. Accessed via the Picture Stories Page. This has all taken the last couple of months to research and prepare. Added a shortcut from Main Home Page
16th November 2013
Added the Whistler Window at Pakenham Vicarage to 1944.
12th November 2013
Amended the links on the Virtual Abbey Page. Old ones no longer working.
23rd October 2013
Added the original Grant of Arms to Bury Borough Council in 1606.
23rd September 2013
Added picture to Pathe News in 1915 and updated their URL to current. Added and corrected some details to Zeppelin raids in 1915 and 1916. New details on Pakenham Loom 1953 etc. Updated alt= to title= down to Trade and Industry section.
24th August 2013
Added details of 40th reunion of the West Stow Environmental Archaeology Group, and added updates to West Stow chronology to 2013. Changed alt= to title= for Haverhill, Anglo-Saxons and Domesday pages. More to do yet.
17th August 2013
Added details of several newspaper reports from Pip Wright's website from 1820 to 1914, mostly expanding incidents already reported.
16th August 2013
Added details of the Betty Burroughs execution, 1766, from the book "Death Recorded" by Pip Wright, 2006. Other newspaper reports from his website to 1820. Poole's balloon flight picture.
15th August 2013
Added correction from Martyn Taylor and expanded details of the Sarah Lloyd execution, 1800, and a picture of Capel Lofft.
29th July 2013
Added details of silk industry at Sudbury and Haverhill. Humphries, 1972 and 2004. Vanners 1871 and 1874. Free Trade treaty 1860. New pic of Old Shire Hall by Spanton, 1878. Corrections on Oakes in 1839 from Martyn Taylor.
22nd July 2013
Added details of bomb damage, and photo at Hawstead in 1940, and army at Hawstead Hall, 1944. Added Geophysical survey details to Abbey Gardens, and Chronicle 2008.
18th July 2013
Added six colour photographs of the floods in Eastgate Street, BSE, September, 1968, supplied by Grenville Wilson.
15th July 2013
Added Robert Clarke of Coney Weston, inventor of tinwhistle in 1843.
9th July 2013
Updated some of the Abbey Gardens page text into the Chronicle, where necessary, from 1946 up to 2009.
8th July 2013
SIAH details 1869, with seal. Details of burnt buildings 1327. Also updated some of the Abbey Gardens page text into the Chronicle, where necessary, up to 1945.
29th June 2013
Added the full 16 minute video of the Virtual medieval town and Abbey to YouTube, with a link from the Virtual Abbey page. Also added the Virtual Abbey to the Chronicle at 1513.
25th June 2013
Added 7 minute video of the Virtual Abbey to YouTube, with a link from the VR main page. Also added D C Douglas book of 1932 and chocolate tin for the Coronation, 1911. Baldwins Feudal Book in 1079. Abbey gardens aero photo and 1971 guidebook.
18th June 2013
Added to Abbey gardens text more details on Abbey Gardens, plus maps, plus info from AG Management Plan, 2009.
13th June 2013
Another alt= changed to title= in Chronicle text 2001.htm. Amend Abbey gardens text, plus Lenny map 1823. Add 1999 Mary Basham's postcard book details.
8th June 2013
Another alt= changed to title= in Chronicle text 1900-1945. Add details of Queen Anne at Newmarket, and picture 1706. Amend Abbey gardens text, plus Payne map 1834. Add Menagerie story by David Albon to Municipal Topics.
2nd June 2013
Another alt= changed to title= in Chronicle text 1946-2000. Also expand poll tax protest 1990, with gas holder picture. Add missing picture to 1831 from 5 days ago - sorry!
30th May 2013
Following the change from Internet Explorer 9 to IE 10, it has become necessary to change HTML code of "alt=" to "title=" to mantain available access to thumbnail description showing with a mouse-over. Therefore alt= changed to title= in Chronicle text up to 1538. Much still to do elsewhere.
29th May 2013
Small change to R Lark pics page 3 for TGC. Add details of Rotten Boroughs to 1831. Also alt= changed to title= in 1813-1899 page.
28th May 2013
More details of royalty at Newmarket from John Sutton's lecture. Charles II, fire at Newmarket, meets John Donne. William and Mary at Newmarket, appearance of Tregonwell Frampton 1675. Frampton picture at 1727. Also alt= changed to title= in 1700-1812 page.
21st May 2013
More details of James I at Newmarket from John Sutton's lecture, and Charles I and II, with Lely horse picture of c1675. Also alt= changed to title= in 1539-1699 page.
18th May 2013
Details of James I at Newmarket from John Sutton's lecture, and picture 1603. Rewritten churchyard closure 1854 and 1855. Small amendment on Woolhall Street. Rehoboth chapel expanded 1840. Otter Trust details 1999. Details of the early work of the Improvement Commissioners from Brian Coley.
18th April 2013
Added picture of settling hut at MEAL, 2012. Also Whiting Street coronation decorations in 1911, decorated engine 1911. Closure of Ship, 1906. Star inn yard picture 1923.
11th April 2013
Added details of Paving Commissioners, 1809 and 1811. New details of Athenaeum Services Club, 1939 and 1945, and foundation stone of All Saints in 1962.
2nd April 2013
Added details and pic for Cavenham Park, 1767. Lusitania sinking 1915. Better gasworks picture 1963. Greene King promo film, 1929.
23rd March 2013
Small addition to 1945 details for Denny Brothers. Added detail and picture for W Montgomery cycle shop in 1898. Spire of All Saints church in 1962. Remove some incomplete files on BSE origin.
22nd February 2013
Added details and pictures for W Montgomery sidecars invented in Brentgovel Street - 1892, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1911. Also purchase of Gedding Hall in 1968, and details.
18th February 2013
Added picture of Unity houses at Fornham 1947. Made two way cross referencing links from Watertower 1952, Sewage works and Extension, 1906 Guidebook, Floods 1968, Office extension 1967, last deadstock 2003, Opening A45 and Orttewell roads, Gas 1934 all to return to appropriate locations in the Chronicle.
16th February 2013
Added pictures of Queens Close prefabs, 1946 and Electric generating boilers at 1900, with detail on Lancashire boilers. Details of Queens Window in 1881 expanded.
14th February 2013
Added pictures of Flempton Mill 1906 from G Brown to Watermills. Added link to 1608 from Market Charter. Added 'Glossary' to River Lark Intro header. Stanton Groop, 1965 and St Andrews Street dig, 1963.
10th February 2013
Added and corrected some workhouse details, and added plan 1884.
6th February 2013
Actioned C19 corrections and added details from MT's email and one from Cllr DN. Added 3 pictures to accompany same.
5th February 2013
Added details on Unity homes and other rural PRC dwellings post war, Clare secondary school, and Stone Hall. Also new page of Ogilby maps from 1675, and updated Chronicle for 1675 to match.
3rd February 2013
Uploaded to the internet all remaining corrections to broken links due to capital letters issue.
2nd February 2013
Uploaded to the internet some missing picture links from River Lark and Watermills.
18th January 2013
Uploaded to the internet all the amendments from 29th November 2012 to 16th January, listed below. Some missing pictures and dead links remain.
16th January 2013
Added pics Icklingham Hall (1907), Council Capital Programme 1945 and staffing 1946. Also Orttewell Bridge details 2002.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
5th January 2013
Added details of Denny Brothers move into Kempson Way and new corporate logo, from Barry Denny via email. Also 1913 film of Bury St Edmunds at E Anglian Film Archive, brought to notice by M Taylor. Amended the introduction which had been previously interrupted by computer crashes, finally cured by a system restore.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
1st January 2013
Added details of A11 dualling and improvements from Barton Mills to Thetford to year 2013.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
YEAR 2012
30th December 2012
Added housing and slum clearance details to 1952 from Town Plan. Tweaked home page to 'Local history in West Suffolk', 'St Edmundsbury Chronicle', 'Appendices' et al. Denny's logo 2000 added. Added St Andrews Street encroachment shown in 1950 Town Plan.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
28th December 2012
Went through post war council accounts to find dates of contracts on Mildenhall Estate to 1952. Added plan of estate and added details of start of Howard Estate.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
22nd December 2012
Added a few details from Frank Meeres 'History'.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
19th December 2012
Added details from Norman Scarfe's article in 1964 Town Guide.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
16th December 2012
Updated format for Domeday Book for Norwich and Ipswich. Deleted press releases from USAF Freedom page as links were missing. Updated Early Settlers with information about Gosnold living in Bury St Edmunds. Also link to 1596. Acknowledgements added to Introduction Page. Main page heading changed to 'A Local History in West Suffolk'. Added to description of 'Introduction' on the main homepage.
(The website version is still as when loaded from a CD-Rom, with amendments included only up to 29th November 2012, and some missing pictures due to capital letters issue).
12th December 2012
Website had to be reloaded to the internet because some large files were previously omitted. However, some links fail to work because of file names with incompatible cases or initial letters. EG Chronicle not chronicle. This was ignored on Windows but not by Linux servers. Version is still as at 29th November, and now some missing pictures due to capital letters issue.
11th December 2012
That version was loaded from a CD dated as at 29th November 2012, but find out later some files missing.
10th December 2012
Added some Haverhill updates and pictures. Added Super Sabre picture at 1962.
8th December 2012
Added Map of Bury St Edmunds town centre shops in 1994.
6th December 2012
Added BSE town arms 2006, Ash dieback, 2012. Horringer Court building 1972/3. 1933 Grand Jury, 1744 Westley church damage, 1836 note on architect at Westley. Gainsborough birthdate error corrected.
1st December 2012
Updates to Haverhill after 2002. Laser sculpture, Cineworld, Tesco and Vion's demise. Replaced breaks with paras in Haverhill C20.
29th November 2012
Pictures of Francis Simpson. Extra text on moving the cattle market in 1827-28. CD-Rom copy issued to Paul Marsden of Gaia Technology for test loading to internet.
18th November 2012
Added item on Lowestoft bombarded in April, 1916. Coenwulf coin found at Pakenham added to Anglo-Saxon coins section. Also unplastered kitchens 1946.
6th November 2012
Added a few pics and details to Denny Brothers. Flints in 1949. Whitmores traction engines 1934. Added vills to Growth of Bury section. Added Eric Fernie's plan of the abbey church, and the town layout.
25th September 2012
Added W Challis Diary to 1943 with details. Basil Brown's bike. BSE Curve details to 1870. New C17 token for Griffin Inn.
17th September 2012
Added new picture story page of Advice to US Armed Forces in UK, 1943. Also made links from Chronicle 1943 and from American Connections.
9th September 2012
Glemsford water tower, and Silk Bobbins pictures. Stephen Walters Silk factory. Gurteens drabbet smock picture, Caroline steam engine picture.
2nd September 2012
Added marmite pic to Denny Bros. Sabres at Shepherds Grove, Stanton. Few pictures of Lavenham, and details from Lavenham Industrial Town. Lots of Stour valley textile details from books and websites, inc Glemsford, Melford. A/S garnets. Earl of Oxford details. Silk, flax, coconut matting and horsehair weaving in South Suffolk. New draperies details. All done through August and end July. Some other Melford details from Long Melford- last 2000 years. Melford Riots 1885 more details.
26th July 2012
Added pics to Denny Bros. Abbo picture, my Northgate roundabout map old and new, st johns street in 1928, evacuees and Challis book of wartime diaries in 2012.
11th July 2012
Added pics to Denny Bros and more info. Dog track data from Martyn Taylor. Hawkedon helmet. Flempton blacksmith 1965. More on 1951 town plan.
28th June 2012
Added Denny Brothers section, with pictures, to Trades and Industry. Added 2012 Cupola fire, 1960 street map. Copy for Lionel at carving.
20th May 2012
Reorganised homepage so that Watermills were removed to heading of Trade and Industry. Trade and Industry moved up the list on main homepage. Royal show 1867 extra pics. Added this page of Amendments so users can track changes. Previously it was hidden on main homepage, so also reduces homepage loading time.
18th May 2012
Few notes extra. Copy for Roy Endersby.
11th May
Added Royal Show 1867 page to Picture stories. Boby and Cornish adverts from 1887.
6th May 2012
Added Industry and Trades section to main Homepage. Moved clocks and guns there. Also added link to Gas leaflet of 1934. Added new Gas works page.
2nd April, 2012
Update 1962 and 1972, the 1958 clock catalogue, election pic 1895, Barton mills X roads, 1927.
18th March.
Stuff on Feoffees accounts. Updated Pakenham water mill after Eddershaw. Original SEBC webpages. Trumpington cross. Copy made which I kept excludes BSE development.
1st March, 2012.
Some BFP items, few pictures from millenium publications. Elite mural from D Albon. Feb 2012 updates. Bury Stirs from SIAH vol 37 pt 3. Henhowe writ 1305. Icklingham WWI, Rougham hall, Giffords, Boy bishop mould. Brafields end.
1st February, 2012.
C17 tokens for Smith, Heasel, Wilkin. Banknotes 1817. Notes January 2012. Details on Mildenhall manor.Gershom Parkington's death. CD Copy made for Adrian and Daniel Place.
YEAR 2011
19th December, 2011
Added Diesel Spill, 2011, Copy for CJW without Bury development.
5th December, 2011.
Added Angel Corner leaflet to Picture Stories. Added maps etc to Moyse's Hall.
27th November
Guildhall and Troston church pics. Cathedral Library info. Sleigh steam lorry. Two pubs pics from Trevor Goodfellow. More 0n 2011. More Moyses pictures added, plus page 6.
5th September 2011.
Added extra maps to BSE Clues section. Needs more work to explain ideas.
4th September.
Added Gottfried's book and his BSE maps. Also Goodwins book of 1931, Gransdens of 1964. Beccles and Norwich tokens. Mildenhall map from SRS 54. Odd pics of Moyses today and hospital 1907.
8th August.
Added SRS Mildenhall Accounts book, 2011 and a picture for Elections page. Removed Origins of Bury from Nick's copy as unfinished. Added some wartime crashes from websites. Copy for Nick Amor of Gross and Co. 1 spare kept.
31st July.
Lynford quarry and Gough's cave. Bacon factory newsletter 1931. Added new General elections page. Tidied up some of clues to origins of BSE.
16th July, 2011.
Added pictures and data for Paleolithic from Stringer's Homo Britannicus and WWW. Red lady bone, pakefield flints, Swanscombe skull, Beeches pit details, warren Hill details, High Lodge details.
19th June, 2011.
Added Thetford museums. Added more Nick Ashton notes to paleolithic. Viking names map.
1st June, 2011.
Added Sturge Flints, Vale watch, added pictures to Moyses Hall exhibits section. Added Independent Museums links. Made Manor House section self contained.
14th May
Gave a copy to David Boulton. 1 spare copy kept.
9th May
Corrected missing link from 1832 boundary commission thumbnail, and also added it to Reports homepage.
8th May
added Stowmarket rural life watermill and Euston mill. Also pic of Rose Mead studio at 18a Crown St.
20th April 2011
- Added a few extra bits from Oakes diary. Also 5 new C18 tokens and 2 banknotes from Suffolk etc
11th April, 2011
- The story of BSE Golf Club added from the club's own history of 1999. Tidied up Happisburgh dig. Plague pics added etc
19th March, 2011
Added various pictures, Little Saxham hall, Sakings the falconer, 2 clare maps from Gladys Thornton.
1st February 2011
A few odd additions; sea eagle 1891, A45 bypass details, denston college update, reinstated Manor House.
YEAR 2010
18th December, 2010.
Added picture and page about the postmen of Bury in 1885.
4th December
John Fairclough's Roman Roads map, C21 books by Paine and Twinch, Conservation Area of 1970. Kirby thumbnail 1736.
23rd November,
added the geology maps of Bury St Edmunds, and lost Dunwich map. CML sale 2010. Also some details from Mark Bailey's lecture on Medieval towns.
10th November
added Lobel's banleuca map.
7th November.
Added Anselm's charter of 1130. Replaced Deck's token with a better condition coin.
1st November.
Added Samsung 1 terabyte Disk drive to computer. Added boer war chocolate, stradishall plates, WWI medals, W Ray watch 1861, Cavendish mill by Blundell. Then made 10 more copies for the Heritage Guides.
25th October.
Added Moyses pic, whole warren pic, and a few pictures for Chronicle, inc Apex, Broadband 40meg, livermere tornado, Sextons shop. Started on Guide Book for 1906 from Martyn Taylor's collection. Added 1906 guidebook map to maps page.
5th October.
More on Clues to early Bury. Also added text for Broadband 40 meg to 2010. Five copies for Farmers Club talk to Heritage Guides on 6th October.
29th September.
Copies for Abby Antrobus and Colin Pendleton of Suffolk Archaeology. Deleted "Clues" page as not ready.
27th September.
More on Dev of BSE. Add Lark Valley saxons and bsehub to Maps page.
20th September.
Add section on Clues to the Development of Bury St Edmunds.
29th August 2010
Added 1848 Warren map, Burrell on ice, Jacqueline Close details and pics, USA war of independence.
16th August.
Added my Sybil Andrews picture of Hatter Street. Also details of oldest house found at Star Carr, nr Scarborough and oldest toolmarks from Ethiopia.
9th August.
More detail from Jocelin of Brackland. Scurun's Well. 945 charter from Yates. More on Gurney bells. Added 17 pictures and text from Suffolk Sense of Place Suffolk Record Office. Also Jacqueline Close details. Added items from Lost Country Houses. Added Ps in place of BRs in Haverhill chronicle.
12th June.
Added to Maps section - Thetford, Ipswich, Norwich by 1086. Added some vills to Domesday sections. Added Thetford section and Enigma section to Domesday.
22nd April.
Added new Domesday Section on major landholders.
1st April.
Adding to the section on the Domesday Book following lecture by Lucy Marten on 13th March. Added 2010 Flora of Suffolk.
2010 3rd February.
Converted to Windows 7 in January 2010. Added Guide 1929, few Domesday village details, Blundell's Pines, 1935, Halliday's book, 2004, Lakenheath Fen details, and Ixworth petrol pumps.
YEAR 2009
18th December 2009.
Back from a week on the River Nile on December 2nd. Added postcards of Hitler from Major Anstee. Also extracts from Arthur Boreham on the Suffolk Regiment.
21st November
Added Jacob Kendall details, and Miles Mosse sermons 1595. Domesday still unfinished.
17th November.
Converted Domesday Book to have a homepage and three sections, instead of one big page.
16th November
Added Mildenhall Museum to Places to See Gazeteer. Also removed all prices from Gazeteer, as out of date. Moved Domesday into its own folder.
13th November.
Made a copy for Cllr Sarah Broughton, Chair of the West Stow ASVT.
12th November,
Royal engineers at Fornham October, 1914.
9th November.
Added a guide book for 1931, and moved the 1935 guide into 1936. Adverts for East Anglian and Culford school.
30th October
Added leaflet to 1964 Chronicle. Also added W S Spanton's BSE and some comments from it.
22nd October 2009.
Added leaflet "An Opportunity for Industry" 1964 to Picture Story Pages.
20th October.
Finished amending Intro to Anglo-Saxon coinage. Added bus station pic 1984.
17th October.
Snow 1908, BSE guidebook from 1951, a few coin updates to Saxon coins from Mark Blackburn, Railway Mission updates.
6th October, 2009.
Renamed Miscellaneous topics to Municipal topics. Removed Gunmakers to main home page. Renamed Monastic topics. Added timeline diagrams to West Stow history. (mesolithic, neolithic, ironage etc) Added The Chronicle heading to Main home page.
3rd October.
Added page on a comparison of anglo-saxon life to Romano-British life.
1st October, 2009.
Re wrote Who were the Anglo-saxons. Tidied up the West Stow pages, and added some of it to the Chronicle as seemed appropriate.
23rd September, 2009.
Added the section on Occupational Sequence at West Stow. More on West Stow history. Modified navigation on Historic visits to exclude too many cross references.
17th September.
New section about the West Stow Political Context. New order for topics on Saxon homepage. Updated W Stow history for the buildings on site each year.
14th September
Old section on West Stow buildings deleted to be replaced by my new version, after filling in a few holes. Updated West Stow history with better pictures.
10th September.
Substantially completed buildings at West Stow feature. 11th some tidying up of the buildings item.
7th September.
Finished Anglo-Saxon Centre pages. 8th outlined new West Stow Buildings picture pages and added pictures.
1st September 2009.
Added some photos taken at West Stow on 31st August 2009, added to West Stow Gallery and Saxon Centre. Removed medieval pics from gallery. By 5th Added more photos to Saxon Centre from 31st August visit. Small start on a Moyses gallery, but may never be activated.
29th August.
Revamped the Museum pages to have own homepage, accessed from main homepage list. Removed museums and red barn from Miscellaneous topics, and removed Moyse's Hall own homepage. Revamped main homepage into Exhibits and Evidence.
25th August.
Loaded more pictures from West Stow Archaeology Gallery. Also 28th August more pictures and another page.
20th August
Tidied up Moyse's hall files transferred from Manor House. Started a new West Stow Archaeology Picture Gallery in folder weststowgallery. Added info boards from dig of 2007 at West Stow. More pics for Saxon Centre Section.
17th August
Deleted the Around our towns and villages section. Merged the information in with What to See page. Moved Manor House Collections to Moyse's hall.
16th August
Tidied up Towns and Villages. Moved Archaeology from Moyses to West Stow.
13th August
Added Moyses Hall to list of Miscellaneous Topics. Sorted out missing Moyse's files.
10th August
Added new section called West Stow Anglo-Saxon Centre. To show some of the exhibits in the museum about life there.
5th August
Another new CD cover using graduated colour by Xara 5, and shadow added to main Chronicle Logo using Xara5.
26th July
Bury Development Plan 1951, L Redstone pic, SWT Redgrave Fen 1961. Corrected 1952 coronation to 1953. Made a CD for Sheila Green, previously John Osborne's widow. Also gave one to Gill Nunn at carving, with new cover.
11th July
Opening of West Stow Collections Study Centre. Scotchers shop, 1976AP. Made a CD for Dennis Strange.
8th July
Icklingham Mill by Blundell, Simpsons Flora and Lackford and Bradfield Reserves.
30th May
added details of Fornham Park as POW camp 186. 31st added Ticehurst's Birds and Mammals also mammals 2009.
24th May
Chernobyl plaque, and a few Gilstrap details of Fornham Park.
12th May
amended wall plaques to have its own home page. Added TGC plaque at Fornham all Saints.
7th May 2009
added maps of Liberty Hundreds and civil parishes, 9th May added Local Govt maps, 1872, 1894, 1934, 1974.
30th April
Added the aerial photos of West Stow, 1946, 1956, 1990, from Jess Tipper. From W Stow archives originally.
27th April
Amended Homepage to give a link from Who was St Edmund, to the Legend page. 28th added map of Blackbourne West Stow parish. Made a CD for Jess Tipper at Archaeology Unit.
26th April 2009
Removed the section on Tourists Introduction from main homepage to sub page of Places to Visit. Removed Where is St Eds to the icon on Home Page. Removed Home page heading 'Chronicle 2000 a full timeline of events'. Amended Location page to feature St EDs map.
16th April
Added Boy Bishop and jeton pics, 17th tidied up ice age a bit, 20th added Ipswich ware after 720AD at West Stow.
15th April
Added 3 wishes, hardy abbey, cycle path and various of my photos for 2009. Added West Stow updates to Chronicle as well.
11th April
New map page for all the Gauthiez maps. Added some abbey plans into the Chronicle.
8th April
Added more details for 2007, 8 and 9. Dallinghoo staters, BAA book, Gauthiez maps.
24th March, 2009
added entries for March 2009, including the Arc and new shopping map from Centros.
20th March
Added Basil Brown at West Stow pictures. Also Hodgsons gunshop, distance chart from 1600, and Hookes portrait by Beale. Issued CD to Michael Walters of Whiting Street.
25th February 2009
Added 1811 token pages.
22nd Feb
started RAF Stradishall history, and added a bit more history and pics to West Stow story.
2nd February
History of RAF Mildenhall to 1945.
27th January
RAF Mildenhall pics, William Kemp 1600, Henshalls 1959, Drurys at Hawstead.
YEAR 2008
5th December
West Stow map by S E West. Copy CD for Mary Anstee-Parry. 18th a few Lark pics and Gosnold plaque, add mybytham map.
23rd November
Few more plaques from Martyn Taylor walk, 1951, 1952, 1962 guides, few firestation pics. Copy to Stuart Ogdon.
1st November
Copies made for Chris Williams and Alan Baxter.
October 22nd
added 1832 Bury Boundary commissioners' report. Pics of Fullers Mill and Hoxne Brickyard for 1971.
October 2nd
added clock by D Ray and Eastgate Bridge pics from Ebay. Two Thetford maps from Alan Crosby.
September 11th
added Dury's map of Bury in 1764.
September 1st 2008
finished off watermills from the Lark Valley.
August 1
added Paterson's 1785 map, and a few watermills. By 31st August, many more mills from Antonia Gransden. A few Enclosure act details and Updated Frater Ambrosius issue in the Bury Bible.
July 28th
added Thomas Gainsborough details and pictures.
July 27th
added Bytham River updates from Shotton Project of Univ Brum, and Paul Heard's railway pics.
July 25th
Added oldest map etc from Lilian Redstone's Suffolk, 1930.
July 21st
added the Bury Gas Company Centenary booklet, courtesy of Martyn Taylor.
July 15th, 2008
Added Water Mills pages in skeleton, and plaques from Northgate Avenue, Newman House and no 8.
June 18th, 2008
added Edgar Powell on 1381 revolt, and Oman's details. Stuff from Phelps Suffolk 100 years ago.
June 10th 2008
added Sewage works extension opening, 1971.
June 7th 2008
added A45 bypass opening. June 8th added Orttewell Road opening. 9th June added Fornham Park sewage works.
May 29th
Now on a new computer with Vista and 4gb: CHILLBLAST FUSION JUGGERNAUT. Added Peasants Revolt 1381 details from John Ridgard's lecture at Sutton Hoo. Started on Mark Bailey's lecture again.
May 18th
Added Borough Offices extension official opening page.
April 10th 2008
added David Albon's Freestone and Collis clocks. Also his Kirby Map. April 17th made CD for D Albon and Anita Bishop (Calicchio). Later made copies for Michael Shinn and Michael Miles. NB David Albon's copy given to Martyn Taylor in July.
March 26th 2008
added River Lark commissioners of 1699, 1843, and Survey of 1969. Amended St Edmund description on Home page.
March 17th 2008
finished updating Chronicle from new material in River Lark section.
March 16th
updated Chronicle to 1890 from River Lark section. Added cross references to the Lark Acts.
March 13th
issued to Pamela Stephens.
March 10th
Added my pics to River Lark. Added Eastgate Street plaques to Wallplaques.
March 8th
Minor tidying up. Issued CD to Brian Coley of Blue Badge Guides.
March 7th 2008
Added the 1699 River Lark Act and the 1817 Amendment Act.
Feb 20th
Added a River Lark Maps Section. Added to it on 3rd March.
Feb 14th and 18th
Added stuff from Suffolk Record Office by D E Weston and others.
Feb 9th
Added bits to River Lark and Chronicle from 1855 White's Directory re Mildenhall Road Maltings etc.
Feb 7th
Added a bit to West Stow history. Added page 4 of Lark pictures. Issued to Paul at woodcarving after removing Lark from Misc Topics page and other tidying up.
Feb 4th 2008
Added River Lark to main homepage, more pics, more intro. 5th more pics.
Jan 31st 2008
Added Intro to River Lark, needs more work, and need more photos.
Jan 27th
added my photos from 1971 of the old clough and Mill Farm.
Jan 19th
Added a picture section to R Lark but no pictures. Finished loading Weston's Lark Navigation and his Amazing steam Venture.
Jan 10th 2008
More on the River Lark. Jan 16th up to 1893 from Lord Bristol's Amazing Steam Venture. Jan 16th version issued to Bob Jones, photographer of the River Lark.
Jan 7th 2008
More on the River Lark, including the Chorographer's note, 1603.
YEAR 2007
Dec 24th
Added a new Section on the River Lark Navigation.
Dec 18th
added banknotes from Moyse's Hall, and Carss bankruptcy 1797 note. Also Gransden and Eaglen's books.
Dec 10th
Added a banknote page, but it only has five notes. Dec 12th added Reinhild, updated Clare Bank details in 1819.
Dec 4th
Abbey hospitals pics. Dec 9th few more pics.
Dec 1st
More on Cyril Power and Sybil Andrews. Blundell. More pictures collected from SRO "A sense of place" website. Dec 3rd More SRO pics.
Nov 22nd
Started on Mark Bailey's Medieval Suffolk.
Nov 19th
Lackford cemetery, 21st Redgrave Hall.
Nov 18th
Added postcards, more on Culford, details from 1792 and 1830 Directories.
5th November
added gun pictures. 7th & 8th November added some Suffolk Record Office pictures from Sense of Place website. 10th added portraits and stuff on Cornwallis in 1781.
November 1st
Churchyard pictures, 2nd Foundry Terrace in St Johns St.
October 31st
started Gunmakers, and Gosnold pictures.
October 22nd
added some pre war pics of Wortham and ARP album. Tidied up clocks. 27th and 29th few extra pics, inc Fornham Hall.
October 20th
Took copy CD for Peter Webb and John Wilson. Added four saint's icons from Elenis icons.
October 17th
Mr John Wilson's Giffin Rayment Clock, early endowments of Bury, arc 2007, end of Ulfcytel talk loaded. 19th more on the arc for 2007.
October 10th
a couple of Bury and Clare banknotes. 11th, Ulfcytel continued to 1016.
October 8th, 9th
Some of Lucy's lecture on Ulfcytel loaded, with Ulfcetel's grant S1219, Danelaw map.
October 3rd
CD Copies made. One for Michael Lingwood. One for Mike O'Neil.
October 3rd
Street numbering in the 1830's and 1880s.
October 1st
Updated Clockmakers' alphabetical index. October 2nd added John Pace longcase clock, some GP details, and some Thurlow Champness details.
September 30th
finished adding clockmakers from Suffolk Clocks, and the Supplement. Added index to side of pages alphabetically.
September 28th
added more clockmakers from Suffolk Clocks.
September 19th
added pictures from Moyse's Hall and Webb's on clocks. Moved clocks on to Home Page from Miscellaneous Subjects.
September 10th
added details of Pace clocks, Parker clock, and reorganised the clock pages.
September 4th
added the 1827 Bury and its Environs, and picture of Combust church from that book.
August 14th
added a couple of clockmakers as per Peter Webb. On 15th added John Gudgeon's wallclock from Sue Bond's website.
August 13th
added details of Suffolk Green books, Camden Series and Arnold's Memorials.
August 10th
amended the list of monarchs to show the Danelaw period, etc. Few typos changed on clock section.
August 8th
Added details of M R James On the Abbey of St Edmund at Bury, 1895. On the 9th added details of Suffolk Records Society, 1957/58. Issued to Lucy Marten on 9th August.
August 2nd
Added two more Anglo-Saxon coins to fill out the A/S coin page.
July 31st
Added coin of Henry II Tealby type B1.
July 24th
Added Lingwood's fur factory, and my picture of Home Grown Chicory to 1935. Also added version 4 of virtual abbey with pngs instead of gifs. Issued a CD to Lawrie Lockey for his 80th birthday.
July 11th
changed Virtual Abbey picture, added it to 1998, added new jpegs, changed back to Fluxplayer. May change to pngs and version 4 later.
July 6th
changed Chronicle logo to png file with a transparent background.
July 3rd 2007
changed the Virtual Abbey model to abbey3.wrl, modified by Simon Place to actually work properly. Also added instructions for Cortona as first choice. I need to add new jpegs and change it again once all changes are finalised.
June 11th 2007
added Stowmarket church bombing etc, and will S1494.
June 6th
Added Wills S703 and S 1486.
May 24th
Added Aelfgar's will. Fixed two errors found by Apple Safari.
May 16th
Added Monastic Water Diagram. Then added shopping map of Bse and Theodred's will on 21st May.
May 15th
Added List of Excavations at the Abbey, from English Heritage.
May 14th
Added Virtual Reality download of Flux Player 2 Instructions. Issued two copies of this date to museum on June 12th, via Alex for Maggie/Alan Baxter, Keith Cunliffe.
May 10th
Added Brandon minster map, stone crosses from Ashfield and Kedington.
May 3-4th
Amended Manor House Museum pages to building only. Added Abbey plan from Pevsner, Mints from Eaglen and Bury's coins of 1048.
May 2nd
Added Abbey plans from Whittingham and Scarfe in new Abbey folder.
26th April
Finished Electio.
25th April 2007
began Electio Hugonis. Added list of Abbots. Added SIArch history.
17th April
Change Moyses to Moyse's where found as required by Chris Mycock. Finished Suffolk in Anglo Saxon Times by S Plunkett. Added Wilton Cross page.
6th April 2007
issued to Ellie. Front page made non responsive to repeated clicks. More details from Steven Plunkett's book.
25th March
added maps of c15 Bury, and Ixworth Cross Page. More on Brandon site.
8th March 2007
Added Charters Homepage, and on 9th added Saxon charters, inc S507, more on 13th. By 16th March, added the three charters of James I.
5th March 2007
Improved layout of Bible pages by adding width=100% in two places.
1st March 2007
Few details and pics added on Celts following Edward Martin's lecture at Sutton Hoo. Issued to Dr Sam Newton for advice.
22nd Feb 2007
Tidy up Architectural details after a few new pictures. Issued to Chris Mycock for evaluation for SEBC. He read it over Easter ie 6-9 April.
5th-9th Feb 2007
Updating from Suffolk in Anglo Saxon Times by S Plunkett.
28th Jan
Lake Avenue shops plaque, another in Acacia Avenue.
By 15th January, and 22 January
and 25th Jan, 2007, added more wall plaques to fill pages, some Anglo saxon details.
7th Jan 2007
Loaded Frank Riley Smith details.
6th Jan 2007.
Few more pics on architectural details. Changed chronicle logo from Chron2k1 at 569x201 to chron2kb at 700x153. Thinner version shows more screen menus.
YEAR 2006
21st December
Pics from Icklingham Papers added , inc map, and some SCC archaeology pics. 27th December reorganised Red Barn and Anglo Saxon pages to my format and merging topics. Added Anglo Saxon charters. 31st Dec updated Freedom page.
17th December
Matthew Parker and some pictures added . Issued to Alex at Moyses Hall.
4th December 2006
Updated for Lucy Marten's lecture on Cnut and the Waveney.
18th Nov 2006
Issued to Lucy Marten at Sutton Hoo.
17th Nov 2006
Thetford Treasure, Liberty map, Romans updated.
10th Nov 2006
Mildenhall & Hoxne treasures, 1575 map etc.
3rd Nov 2006
Stone age updated.
23rd October 2006
now includes Quick Links on Chronicle pages.
August 12th 2006
Now includes 1968 floods pictures.
Issued to David Daltrey on 10/07/06 including Arthur Young material.
25th June 2006
Issued to Allan Scott Davies on 25/06/06.
June 2006
Decide that it would be a good idea to keep a record of updates and who is issued with a copy of the CD_Rom.
June 2006.
Prior to this date, any updates were recorded by way of paper records based around logging the pictures scanned in and used.
Pre-June 2006

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by David Addy, May 2012

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