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Evidence from Cremation rites

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Funeral urns from the cemetery at Lackford (2a).

Two more funeral urns from the cemetery at Lackford (2a).

Funeral urns from the cemetery at West Stow (2e).

Funeral urns from Eye (2b), Mildenhall (2c), and Icklingham (2d).

Pottery attributed to the so-called Illington-Lackford pottery workshops. These are dated to the late 6th century and are found in many parts of western East Anglia, including West Stow.

Distribution of the Illington-Lackford pottery output.

Display Board showing how local clay was gathered, how pots were made, and then fired in bonfires at West Stow.

Ipswich ware pottery found at West Stow. This pottery was mass produced on a wheel by pottery workshops in Ipswich. It quickly replaced the cruder pottery made locally at West Stow and other potteries. It had been thought to date from about 650 AD onwards, and represented the most recent objects found in the West Stow excavations. From this evidence it was concluded that this was the abandonment date for West Stow. Recent speculation has placed the start of Ipswich ware to perhaps 700 to 730, and if this becomes accepted, it gives West Stow village a further 50 to 80 years of life beyond what had been thought.

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