Notice to Quit Cottages in Victoria Street, Bury St Edmunds
Probably the oddest example

House Names with Dates in
Bury St Edmunds and surrounds


Picture Page 1, before 1870

The building on which a plaque is fixed is shown below it.
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Cannon Place, 1825
Built by William Steggles
This plaque is on the Cannon Street end

Cannon Place Built 1825 W S
Bury St Edmunds
Originally a development of 23 dwellings and two shops, now only this frontage remains

1825 Aged 79(?)
This plaque and the preceding one are on the Church Row end

Cannon Place, Pea Porridge Green, Bury
Chalice Restaurant on left, defunct shop to the right

Cannon Place
Shop at north end of remaining row
The two plaques can just be seen

Age 79 plaque curiously located, possibly broken

F. & F. CLARK 1834

Built in 1835 in Churchgate Street

Albert Buildings 1840
Same date as neighbouring Baptist Chapel

Built by F. & F. CLARK in the Vinefields 1834

Gavin Ashley's Hairdressing Salon
Churchgate Street
Bury St Edmunds

Albert Buildings in Out Westgate Street

The Reverend Sir Thomas Gery Cullum 1843

W N 1860 in Victoria Street, Bury St Edmunds

Built by Lord Bristol in 1862

TGC 1843 is on the end wall of Alandale in Looms Lane, Bury St Edmunds

Victoria Street, Bury St Edmunds

Number 141 Eastgate Street, part of the Abbey Grounds of the Bristol Estate.

Norfolk Terrace 1868

Limekiln Cottages, Mill Road

Also Limekiln Cottages
Next to Jaqueline Close

Norfolk Terrace, Cannon Street, BSE

Limekiln Cottages, Mill Road, facing north

Limekiln Cottages, Mill Road, facing south

The Reverend Sir Thomas Gery Cullum 1842

Edward Greene 1865
Downpipe collector on Westgate House in Westgate Street

Two cottages at the foot of Tut Hill, Fornham All Saints
Westgate House was home to Edward Greene from 1865.
Westgate House, home of Edward Greene after 1865.

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